Peter Andre on relationship with Katie Price: ‘We’re very happy now’

Peter Andre, during a chat with ITV’s Lorraine, opened up about his friendship with ex-wife Katie Price

Peter Andre on his relationship with Katie Price: ‘We’re very happy now’

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Katie Price and Peter Andre have been reportedly at war ever since they split in 2009, following almost four years of marriage.

However the couple - who have both since remarried - have two children, son Junior, ten, and daughter Princess, eight.

So it makes sense that they’ve worked hard to restore their friendship.

Speaking to ITV’s Lorraine about his “calm and serene" life - and his relationship with Katie - Peter said: “It’s really strange even with things that have happened in the past, me and Kate we’re okay now.

“We see each other when we see each other with the kids, and it’s all nice, very civilised.

“We all get on really well which is excellent so that just adds to the peace and the serenity and the kids are really happy and it’s really nice.”

The news of their renewed friendship should come as no surprise to Closer readers as, in December 2015, we reported that the pair were working towards a fresh start.

After years of bitter infighting, Katie Price looked set for a courtroom showdown with ex Peter Andre this January – reportedly claiming “the truth would finally come out” about their relationship.

But in a dramatic U-turn, the former glamour model settled the case out of court, agreeing to pay out £200,000 in costs.

Sources told the mag at the time that Katie, 37, had agreed to settle rather than face the prospect of a bitter showdown in what was expected to be a 10-day courtroom battle.

They explained: “Katie talked through everything with her legal team and her family and, in the end, it was decided that a settlement was the best option rather than play out every detail of their marriage and break up in court.

“She isn’t happy with having to pay out but she’s hoping this will be a significant sign to Pete that’s she’s ready for a new start.”

However, while Katie and Peter are friends again, it seems very unlikely that the pair will ever rekindle their romantic relationship.

Peter, speaking on Lorraine, revealed how his beautiful wife Emily MacDonagh was his pillar of support after he lost his brother to cancer three years ago.

Peter said: “I was a mess after my brother, as all my family were, and she was right there with me till the very end.

“I remember saying to her two months later, saying to her, ‘you’ve got two options, you either stick with me through this or let me go because I’m a mess’.

“I remember saying that. I couldn’t function. Some families will understand, we’re extra close as brothers.”

He continued: “She said, ‘well there’s no question, of course I’m going to stand by you and we’re going to get you through it’ and she got me through it and that’s why I always say she’s my rock because that’s how she was with me.”

Emily MacDonagh was at Peter Andre's side on the red carpet at the NTA's last night - an event also attended by Katie Price.

We're glad to hear that, as a result of Pete and Katie’s renewed friendship, it wasn’t an awkward encounter!

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