Kris Boyson brands Katie Price ‘rotten’ during make-or-break holiday

Katie Price & Kris Boyson

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Kris Boyson has branded on/off partner Katie Price 'rotten' during their make or break holiday

On/off lovers Kris Boyson and Katie Price have reportedly enjoyed a make or break holiday to Turkey in a last ditch attempt to save their turbulent relationship.

And luckily for fans, the pair have stuck together. But not without a little TMI in the process.

Katie shared a video with her followers, revealing a shocking pile of black surgical thread before telling fans that Kris had the honours of removing the stitches from her recent facelift.

Yup. You read that correctly.

But Kris wasn't as impressed as Katie was with his generous act...

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CLOSER Kris Boyson's sexiest selfies - SLIDER

Kris Boyson and Katie Price1 of 6
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Kris Boyson and Katie Price

See how he manfully carries Katie Price as though she is light as a feather. Which, to be fair, she probably is.

Kris Boyson2 of 6
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Kris Boyson six pack

Check out HOW many pecs are in Kris' pack. We count at least 12. Could anything be hotter than that?

Kris Boyson rides a jet ski3 of 6
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Kris Boyson rides a jet ski

Kris and his many muscles astride a jet ski. Kris kindly let Katie Price and her kids have a go on his man toyduring a day out at the beach.

Kris Boyson gym snap4 of 6
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Kris Boyson gym snap 2

We were lying about the 'rare' gym photos by the way. He posts LOADS of them. Hooray!

Kris Boyson penis5 of 6
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Kris Boyson trouser bulge

At first glance, this photo isn't particularly sexy. But then look at his crotch area. Check out that bulge. You know what we're saying.

Kris Boyson 5 Star Hotel6 of 6
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Kris Boyson 5 Star Hotel

Why does this snap of Kris Boyson with Holly Hagan when they appeared in 5 Star Hotel make the cut? Because NOTHING is sexier than celebrity, that's why.

Kris Boyson Katie Price

Katie proudly announced, "Now that is love, look at that. Stitches out, well done babe."

Before a rather unimpressed Kris hit back, "That is rotten that is."


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Kris' rather unusual act of kindness comes after he unfollowed beau Katie following her outrageous appearance on stage at Heaven nightclub in London while judging G-A-Y’S Porn Idol event.

The nightclub, on London’s Embankment, has a reputation as a den of debauchery but even the event’s host was shocked by Katie’s behavior, leaving him to ask her if she was on drugs.

After flashing her boobs on stage, Katie removed the bra of a female contestant before pulling her on top of her for a lap-dance and seemingly passionately kissing her on stage.

She also inspected another contestants private parts in extreme detail – but insisted she wasn’t even drinking when host Son of a Tutu suggested she was on crack cocaine.

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