Katie Piper searching for advice from ‘mums of mixed race babies’: Can you help?

Inspiring mum Katie Piper has taken to Instagram to ask fellow mums for advice about baby daughter Belle

Katie Piper searching for advice from ‘mums of mixed race babies’: Can you help?

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Katie Piper posted a text-image to Instagram, which simply read (all in capital letters): “Advice please from parents with mixed race babies.”

The TV presenter made sure to ask her question in the caption of the imagem writing: “What do you use on your baby’s hair?

“We have tried olive oil on Belle’s hair but it ends up everywhere - she touches her head and makes her look too greasy.”

Katie added: “Tried olive oil brand Creme and that makes it go all crispy and hard.

“This is not a fashion thing or about her appearance - we want her to be natural but her hair is getting knotty and out of control!”

The message seems to have done the trick, as plenty of mums have rushed to offer their advice to Katie.

One wrote: “I feel your pain!! We tried everything but finally settled on Aveda products for curly hair. Natural ingredients and very gentle.”

Via Instagram

Another added: “Wash with Beautiful Beginnings Dark & Lovely Shampoo and Conditioner, then comb with the detangling spray from same range and a wide tooth comb.

“Then just run a small amount of the moisturising oil through from the same range; it makes the curls amazing instead of frizzy, and smells like a sweet shop on their head!!!”

**Mums and dads in the same situation, do you have any top tips for Katie Piper? Let us know via the comments box below now. **

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