Katie Piper on motherhood: ‘We never waste a day’

Katie opens up about daughter Belle and how there’s no ‘template’ for parenting

Katie Piper

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Katie Piper, as many readers will know, has been an inspiration for many across the world after she was victim to a horrific acid attack, organised by her then-boyfriend in 2008.

While she has since recovered and gone on to be many people’s inspiration across the world, the process has been a long and painful one.

Bravely choosing to document her life to encourage others that are going through the same situation as her, this has unfortunately led to some making cruel comments about Katie’s appearance.

Since the horrific accident, Katie has happily married her partner Richard James Sutton and become a doting mum to daughter Belle Elizabeth.

The 32-year-old recently appeared on Lorraine and explained that her beautiful daughter is starting to notice her mum is a little different than everyone else.

However, as always, Katie had a calm and wise response. She explained: “I’m sure that, as she starts to put more sentences together, maybe she will ask things. But that’s fine.

“I’m just going to be the same with her as I am with everybody in my life.

“It’s just part of me and who I am.”

And now the blonde beauty has opened up about motherhood and spending time with two-year-old Belle.

Speaking to Now, Katie admitted that ‘timing’ is the key.

“[I make] sure I prioritise doing stuff with her. There’s never enough time in the day to fit in everything you want to do, but it’s quality over quantity; we never waste a day,” she explained.

Katie also revealed that she’s always been a working mum, and so Belle sees her not being around everyday as a normal thing.

“She’s got a mad diary [too],” Katie joked as she revealed Belle goes to baby ballet, tumble tots and water babies.

And it seems that Katie is going through the same parenting issues as all of us, as she explained Belle can be quite cheeky at times.

Belle apparently likes to tip her food over her head when she’s finished, and Katie said that her little tot knows it’s wrong because she gives her a “mischievous” look.

But Katie had some great advice for mums as she explained that you should focus on what others say what you should and shouldn’t be doing, especially from internet forums.

“It’s such an individual, personal thing and I don’t think there’s any template,” she confessed.

We think that’s great advice, and every parent’s situation and story is different.

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