Katie Piper under attack for having ‘brown baby’: “She stayed black then… more acid is needed for her”

Members of a website have launched a shocking attack on new mum Katie Piper after she revealed first pictures of her baby daughter Belle Elizabeth.


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The site published a thread about the TV presenter with the headline: “Acid attack victim Katie Piper has a baby with mixed-race boyfriend.”

The 30-year-old charity founder welcomed her baby daughter with partner James just years after being targeted in a brutal acid attack.

Katie escaped death but was left with life changing scars and has gained respect and popularity as she bravely rebuilt her life.



These shocking messages were posted on the website

Those commenting on the website, named stormfront.org (adopting the tagline 'white pride world wide'), describe Katie as a ‘race traitor’ and shockingly suggest that she was to blame for the acid attack which left her scarred in 2008.

One cruel visitor to the site wrote: You would have thought she would have learned her lesson. Any sympathy for her that I had is gone!!! Dirty wh***bag.”

This was a particularly shocking comment written by a member of the site

Even more appallingly, another reader wrote: “Clearly more acid is needed to knock some sense into her. But alas, it's too late for her. Damage has already been done.”

The website encourages readers to ‘donate,’ describing themselves as a “community of racial realists and idealists.”

The site also accused those who are against racism of being ‘anti-white.’

Katie has not responded to the shocking comments, instead choosing to enjoy her time with her beautiful baby daughter.

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