Katie Hopkins wades into #BeachBodyReady debate: ‘You’re only mad because you’re NOT beach body ready!’

Katie Hopkins has, somewhat surprisingly, garnered a LOT of support on Twitter for her comments on the Protein World #BeachBodyReady debate

Katie Hopkins wades into #BeachBodyReady debate: ‘You’re only mad because you’re NOT beach body ready!’

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Many people have claimed to be offended over the adverts for the weight loss supplements, which feature a toned woman in a yellow bikini.

However Katie Hopkins has - naturally - responded very differently to the #BeachBodyReady debate.

Writing in her column for The Sun, she said: “The advert asks ‘are you beach body ready?’ which is simple enough for most of us to answer.

“The answer is no… therein lies the answer to the outrage.

“Most women acknowledge the answer is no, I am not beach body ready. And instead of accepting responsibility for their female slovenliness as I do […] they want to blame the makers of the ad.”

She continued: “I do defend the right of Protein World to feature a pretty girl on their ad, ask a reasonable question, and not have their posters defaced by feminazis.

“It is strange how we have to be accepting of those who have eaten themselves to a size 24, but are supposed to reject pics of fit young people who have taken care of their health.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Katie has received an overwhelmingly positive response for her comments on Twitter.

One woman wrote: “I hate Katie Hopkins with a passion, but finally - someone said it!”

Another added: “Best article I have read; there’s nothing wrong with being a fit female on the ads.”

And another responded: “I think, for once in my life, I agree with Katie Hopkins.”

What do you make of Katie Hopkins’ comments - do you agree or disagree?

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