Katie Hopkins slams child-on-parent domestic abuse victims: ‘Single mums with no sense!’

Katie Hopkins has lashed out at the parents of the children seen in Channel 5’s My Violent Child

Katie Hopkins on child-on-parent domestic abuse victims: ‘Single mums without any sense’

by Kayleigh Dray |
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My Violent Child has shown some shocking scenes over the series, focusing on the new wave of abuse going on behind closed doors in the UK.

"The kids all have ridiculous names, such as Lincoln and Sapphire"

Last year over 12,000 parents called ParentLine to report violent children landing blows, bites and punches on them when they didn't get their own way.

Channel 5 series My Violent Child has focused on this new wave of abuse, following the parents of violent children - and their struggle to cope with their offspring’s complex behaviour.

However Katie Hopkins has taken to her column in The Sun to slam the PARENTS for the problem.

She wrote: “I lasted precisely four minutes watching My Violent Child on Channel 5.

“Not only are the mums single and utterly lacking in any common sense, but the kids all have ridiculous names, such as Lincoln and Sapphire."

However, while Katie seemed riled up by the relationship status of the parents involved - not to mention the names of their children, she soon went on to one of her most popular gripes.

After previously slamming ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) as a 'fake' illness, she continued:“One other thing they all have in common is a handy diagnosis of ADHD.

“Too many mums look for a medical reason and a bottle of pills to excuse their terrible job bringing up their child.”

She added firmly: “A couple of days with Hopkins and these kids would be trotting to school like perfect pupils asking little old ladies if they needed a hand crossing the road.”

Did you watch Channel 5's My Violent Child? Do you agree with Katie Hopkins, or do you believe she is being unfair to the parents of abusive children? Let us know your thoughts via the comments box below now.

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