Katie Hopkins slams Cheryl Cole, labelling the X Factor judge a ‘flop’

Katie Hopkins is at it again, hitting out at celebrities with her acid tongue.


by Jack White |
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This time it’s newly reinstated X Factor judge Cheryl Cole. Writing in her UK newspaper column, Katie claims that Cheryl is only taking her job back because she has no other choice.

Katie, 38, said: “If I was Cheryl, weighing up [Simon Cowell’s] offer would have gone something like this: You fired me in the states, I hate you for that.”

She then went on to insult the show, saying: “The last series of The X Factor was a disaster, Gary and Nicole are leaving so you are desperate.”


Katie implied that Cheryl is only returning to the X Factor as her own career is a 'flop'
Katie implied that Cheryl is only returning to the X Factor as her own career is a 'flop'


In 2011, Cheryl was unceremoniously dropped from the US version of The X Factor, just weeks after starting the job.

Following the announcement of her return to the UK show this week, Cheryl revealed how Simon ‘begged’ her to come back and even claimed he offered her, her own record label if she did.

Katie then went on to slam Cheryl, 30, and her own career. The controversial rent-a-gob, still mimicking Cheryl, said: “I tried to make it in America and didn’t. My last album was a complete flop. I am not getting any younger.

“Thank you Simon – I would love to accept your offer.”

Katie also took the time to plug her appearance on the next Channel 5 live row. She will be featuring on the Big Debt Row on Monday, and said: “When I look in my wallet I like to think I am debt free, as I don’t own a credit card.

“Then I take a look around the house I’m sat in, consider the size of the mortgage and it wipes the smug grin off my face pretty sharpish.”

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