Katie Hopkins shares controversial Christmas tips: ‘Buy an ugly tree – you’ll look prettier next to it’

Katie Hopkins has shared a letter she's written to her children, providing them with her own tips for surviving Christmas


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Speaking in her blog for The Sun, the former Apprentice star has revealed that, while she would like to keep her three children little and with her forever, she understands that they will one day be 'all grown up with lives of their own'.

"Fat people love a candle. They are made of similar stuff"

However, in typical Katie Hopkins style, she doesn't stay too nostalgic for long, and quickly moves on to her own top tips for surviving Christmas.

And they are, as you might expect, very controversial.

Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins

She writes:

  • Please yourself first. Christmas may be the time for sharing. But you might also prefer to share a sun lounger with your best mate somewhere hot. I hope you have a lovely time.

  • Don’t make the tough choice between pleasing your mother-in-law or pleasing your mum. Too many people dread Christmas Day at one house and Boxing Day at another. Boxing Day was never intended as a runner-up prize for the other mum.

  • Never argue with your partner about the pathetic Christmas tree they brought home. An ugly tree will make you look - prettier. And it may dissuade you from sharing a snap on Instagram. This can only be a good thing.

  • Don’t think what to buy someone. Shut your eyes and imagine them smiling and do the thing which makes them happy. Paint a fence, plant a shrub, bake a cake, make chocolates. None of us really need even more stuff.

  • Try not to feel under pressure. If someone tells you they are all organised for Christmas, laugh and put up more fairy lights. Better to twinkle with mischief than be dull but organised. Remember Daddy and Grandpa both called Mummy “slapdash” all her life. Slap it on and dash out the door.

  • Never buy your Christmas cards for next year in the sale. For the sake of a fiver you will feel geriatric. Buying cards should be done late-night shopping after a few Schnapps from the German market. They will be terrible. But the RSPCA will be grateful you bought their cards. No one else will.

  • Don’t compete. Your mate’s house may look like Christmas designed by Jo Malone but fat people love a candle. They are made of similar stuff.

  • Christmas was never intended to stress you out. It was for you to enjoy yourself — whichever direction life has taken you.

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Finally the mum-of-three finishes with a simple: "Eat, drink and be merry. Come home because you want to — not because you think you should."

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