Katie Hopkins says women who get C-sections are ‘terrified of pain’

Katie Hopkins has blasted women who are ‘too posh to push’ and choose to avoid a natural child birth in favour of elective C-sections.


by Fiona Day |
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Katie Hopkins has hit out at women who get C-sections, claiming that most of them undergo major surgery as they are ‘too posh to push.’

Writing in her column for Yahoo, the controversial commentator revealed that she feels women are becoming ‘weaker.’

‘When it comes to childbirth we are mere shadows of our former selves. More women than ever before are opting out of vaginal birth, choosing to lie on their backs and think of England instead of push for victory.’

Katie Hopkins singled out TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp as an example of a mum who is ‘too posh to push.’

Katie thinks that women who undergo C-sections are 'too posh to push'
Katie thinks that women who undergo C-sections are 'too posh to push'

‘Kirstie Allsopp is adamant this is all a myth; she has had two C-sections herself and is on the defensive. But the facts don’t lie. The more posh you are the less likely you are to push.’

Instead of C-sections being performed due to health reasons, Katie reckons that most mothers who undergo the major surgery because they are scared of how painful natural childbirth will be.

‘I suspect most are terrified of pain. In an age when we are protected from any kind of discomfort we are no longer prepared to grin and bear it. A slight ache - we reach for the Nurofen. A mild headache and Paracetamol comes to the rescue.’

‘I believe those who elect to have a C-section are missing out. Many more elect to have one than wish to admit it. There is guilt in cowardice. If you wimp out of childbirth, you will never experience a pain that makes you invincible.’

Katie finished: ‘If you can handle childbirth, you can handle anything. And you are a truly powerful woman.’

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