Katie Hopkins breaks her silence on Peaches Geldof

Katie Hopkins has slammed fellow celebs like Myleene Klass and Gok Wan for tweeting about Peaches Geldof's death, insisting they should have maintained a dignified silence like her instead


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When Peaches Geldof, the 25-year-old daughter of musician and campaigner Bob Geldof, was found dead at her home in Kent on Monday, there was an outpouring of sympathy on Twitter.

"Peaches didn't need tweets from celebrities or strangers - she just needed a mother's love"

But one person who stayed notably silent on the tragic subject was Katie Hopkins, who had previously come to blows with the young mum-of-two on Twitter AND television, regarding mothering techniques.

And now, in her column for The Sun, Katie has hit back at all of those who slammed her for refusing to show any "sympathy", explaining that she remained silent out of respect for Peaches.

She said: "Celebrities scramble to their Twitter accounts, rushing to outdo each other in public displays of distress.

"I watched them try to outbid each other in a public auction of affection and hold my tongue."

Katie Hopkins and Peaches Geldof on This Morning
Katie Hopkins and Peaches Geldof on This Morning

"This is not how decent people behave in Britain. In the UK it is still upper lip and tears at the crematorium."

She went on to explain that she and Peaches were strangers, who "remained adversaries", and insisted that Peaches would not have wanted her to comment on her death.

"Peaches didn't want a tweet from me.

"When terrible things happen, our job is not to cause a fuss but to leave people to their grief… Now Sir Bob, her husband and the children need to be left in private to clutch on to anything that keeps them afloat.

"I offer privacy with silence. Peaches didn't need tweets from celebrities or strangers - she just needed a mother's love."

Katie Hopkins also heavily hinted on Twitter that she has been removed from the lineup of Celebrity Juice following news of Peaches' death.

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