Katie Hopkins: ‘If you are offended by me you are probably fat’

Katie Hopkins has continued her offensive against obesity in the run up to Christmas, describing her critics as ‘probably fat’


by Fiona Day |
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The outspoken columnist is preparing for the release of her documentary My Fat Story, and in a bid to attract viewers has launched in a series of rants against ‘fatties’ and ‘chubsters’ via her Twitter account.

She wrote simply: “If you are offended by me you are probably fat. That is a pity. But it is also a choice. Make better choices with your life chubsters.”

Katie Hopkins after gaining 4 stone
Katie Hopkins after gaining 4 stone

She also reveals how she was allegedly reported to police for ‘hate crimes’ in the upcoming documentary, tweeting: “In My Fat Story a chubster reports me to the police for hate crimes. I was amazed her fat little fingers could get to 999. Good effort.”

Even more controversially, Katie, 39, has claimed that the organs of those who are overweight are ‘worthless’ to the NHS following their campaign for more people to sign up as donors.

She wrote: “Chubsters, this is not one for you. You are not beautiful inside and out. Your organs are screwed.”

As Christmas approaches and more of us pile on a few inevitable festive pounds, it seems that Katie Hopkins might be left with very few friends come New Year’s Eve!

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