Katie Hopkins: ‘Why are the Mary and Josephs of state school nativity plays always the kids with anger management issues’

Katie Hopkins has been hired to blog for a parenting section, and has taken to this week’s column with great Christmas spirit.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Or not.

The controversial Apprentice contestant admitted being warned by her children not to miss this year’s nativity play, which stars her 5-year-old son Max as a donkey, after she missed her childrens’ play last year.

The mother-of-three writes:

'Number One Son is a donkey. Husband number two is hugely proud. It is clearly a nod to the prodigal son's manhood and ability to shoulder onerous burdens in an uncomplaining fashion.'

Taking a stab at children chosen for the main roles in ‘state school’ plays, she adds:

‘During our brief encounter with the state school system, I found there to be an unspoken rule that kids with anger management issues are given lead roles as a reward for being willfully ignorant throughout the school year.


‘Here is Mary. She has an attendance record of a miserable 82.5%. Let me introduce the Innkeeper. He is not letting anyone in as he is emotionally withdrawn but happy to batter the hell out of his class mates on a daily basis.’

The 38-year-old then shares her experience in the private school sector, writing:

'I will never get over the fact that Annabelle Martin got to be Mary despite having ginger hair'

‘Fortunately the private sector has not given up the competitive ghost.

‘Speaking parts are perceived as a discreet nod of approval from the hierarchy. The ever coveted roles of Mary and Joseph - as a pat on the parenting back for a generous donation towards the sports fund.’

And the outspoken This Morning guest, who caused outrage when she tweeted "Ginger babies. Like a baby. Just so much harder to love" this year, continued her anti-ginger rant in the column, writing:

‘Nativity plays shine a light on our terribly British sensitivities that stay with us for life. I will never get over the fact that Annabelle Martin got to be Mary despite having ginger hair.’

Oh Katie.

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