Katie Hopkins hits out at overweight baby: ‘Lay off the KFC’

Katie Hopkins has blasted the parents of an overweight baby.


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That’s right: the same Katie Hopkins who is nominated for Mum of the Year has been making comments about children again.

Aliya Saleem is 10-months-old but weighs the same as an average six-year-old. She weighs 2st 13lbs and is one of the heaviest children her age in the world.

While Aliya’s parents don’t have the money to seek medial help for their daughter, Katie has suggested they are to blame.

Uploading a picture of Aliya to Twitter, the 40-year-old wrote: “I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, but if your child looks like this you might want to lay off pureeing the KFC.”

Perhaps surprisingly more than a few Twitter users agreed with the social commentator’s harsh comments.

One wrote: “I saw that at the weekend and thought your services is needed [sic].”

Another said: “Surely the poor thing will go pop?? I’d be ashamed as a parent letting my child end up like that #dutyofcare [sic].”

Katie suggested Aliya's parents had been feeding her KFC

“How can a so called mother let it go that far?? Jesus, that’s child abuse!” another follower said.

Aliya’s parents claim they don’t know why she is gaining weight the way she is, and they had another daughter who died after similar weight gain aged one.

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