Katie Hopkins ‏compares herself to Jesus on Twitter

Katie Hopkins has come under fire after comparing herself to Jesus over the Easter weekend…


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Katie Hopkins, 38, took to Twitter on Easter Sunday, referring to herself as the "Jesus of the outspoken".

She said: "As Jesus of the outspoken, Today is a special day - I feel reborn, renewed, and with any miserable Judas in my sights."

And, while we imagine Katie was joking at the time of her tongue-in-cheek comment, it has not gone down well with Twitter users.

One user fired back in reply: "Can you turn yourself into a better person then? Oh wait, you don't do nice. You do victimizing & intimidation only"

And another added: "You are the Judas of society"

One more quipped: "please don't say you are comparing yourself to the Messiah? You wouldn't see the big J shagging in a field with a married man."

While one user offered a slightly more worrying reply, writing: "does this mean we can nail your hands and feet to a large cross? It sounds great."

But, despite this, many of Katie's die-hard fans were tickled by her comment, begging her to "keep to your beliefs" and to maintain her "resilience in the face of the Terminally Offended".

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