Katie Hopkins’ children respond to Celeb Mum Of The Year news: ‘Were they desperate?’

Katie Hopkins has revealed how her children reacted to her being nominated for Celeb Mum Of The Year…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Whether you love her or hate her, Marmite mum Katie Hopkins has been nominated for Celebrity Mum of the Year 2015.

And, as many mums take to Twitter in horror over the CBB finalist making it to the shortlist, Katie has finally responded to the exciting news herself.

In typical Katie fashion, obviously.

With her tongue firmly in her cheek, Katie wrote in her column: "It is with much pride that I can confirm my nomination for Celebrity Mum Of The Year.

"I hear the folk at Mumsnet towers are thrilled, encouraging their fan base to get out and vote. Some say they are even launching a Tupperware collection in my honour."

Could Katie Hopkins be crowned Celebrity Mum Of The Year 2015?
Could Katie Hopkins be crowned Celebrity Mum Of The Year 2015?

She continued: "Even the stay-at-homers (whom I dismiss on a regular basis) have seen the light and understand the Hopkins mode of mothering must be the way forward.

"But my children were incredulous. 'You may be a good laugh, Mum, but mother of the year? Really? Were they desperate for nominees?'"

Katie, who is, at the very least, always always able to keep her sense of humour, finished: "With that kind of support on the home from, victory is mine for the taking!"

Well, with THAT winner's attitude, we imagine the controversial nominee might just have a shot at beating the likes of Katie Piper and Holly Willoughby to the title.


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