Katie Hopkins on bikini bodies: ‘Michelle Keegan is hot- Kim Kardashian’s bum is not’

Katie Hopkins has given Kim Kardashian's sizeable derriere a verbal spanking.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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The more boney-bummed social commentator expressed her shock over Kim Kardashian winning runner-up for the best bum in a recent poll, writing in her weekly Sun column:

"Have you seen the size of the thing. Why would anyone want something that big following along behind them is beyond me. Kim- keep doing those squats, love."

However the acid-tongued former Apprentice contestant was more complimentary about soap star Michelle Keegan, who came top in a recent best bikini body poll.

The 39-year-old paid tribute to Mark Wright's fiancé Michelle, writing:

"Amazingly, it is something both men and women agree on. Michelle has the beach body everyone wants because she is skinny but has boobs. Well done that woman."

Michelle came top in a recent bikini body poll

The mother-of-three went on to address the larger busted ladies.

Speaking about the world's largest strapless bra- an impressive 42L- Hopkins gasped:

"Half of Moby Dick is going to be needed to keep in place a pair of knockers that size.

"I'm worried a strapless bra that big is going to be like a pair of old pants in the leg of your jeans.

It will start falling out around your ankles as you walk down the High Street."

While we have no tips to get 'knockers that size', check out our cheat guide on how to get Michelle's sizzling bikini body.

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