Katie Hopkins attacks mother on airplane with screaming baby

Katie Hopkins has surprisingly garnered support after lashing out at mother with crying baby on airplane


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Crying children were recently voted as 'one of the largest inflight annoyances' in a Go Compare poll, and it seems as if Katie Hopkins wholeheartedly agrees with this.

The former Apprentice star tweeted furiously: "If you must share my flight, please desist from bringing a screaming baby with you."

And, because it wouldn't be Katie Hopkins unless she made fun of someone's weight, she added cattily: "Or an extra four stone."

She also fired a tweet at airline Flybe, asking them: "@flybe - ever thought of being @flyfree - free of babies and fatties?"

One father sarcastically responded: "I shed my pounds first so I can be on your plane Kate.

"I also gave my baby away."

Unrepentant, Katie fired back: "That's the spirit - top man. Here have a seat next to me."

But, despite her comments upsetting many mothers of young children, Katie found a surprising amount of support from fellow Twitter users - an quickly took to retweeting their messages onto her timeline.

One wrote: "I don't understand why people would take a baby on holiday, its not going to remember anything"

Another added: "As cabin crew I totes agree!!!!"

**Can you relate to these people's opinions - should very young babies and children be banned from flying? **

Have you had any awkward moments on an plane - whether as a parent or fed-up bystander?

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