Kate Moss lost her temper on easyJet flight ‘because crew were eating pasta’

If you’re ever in the presence of Kate Moss, make sure there’s plenty of food to go around.


by Jack White |
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The 41-year-old was reportedly escorted off an easyJet flight from Ibiza at the weekend, after kicking off over the lack of sandwiches.

Amazingly, the iconic supermodel is said to have branded the pilot a ‘basic b*tch’ while drinking vodka from her hand luggage.

Now Kate’s fellow passengers have insisted her tantrum was the result of a food shortage.

One told The Sun she shouted: “It’s f**king alright for them to eat pasta when we’re hungry.”

Kate had been in Ibiza celebrating close friend Sadie Frost's birthday

Some other passengers have come forward to claim Kate was ‘disruptive’, with another adding: “She was behaving ridiculously and effing and blinding her head off.

“I had two teenage daughters with me who were very shocked at her language.”

But many have hit back at the complaints, insisting that Kate is simply enjoying herself.

Suzanne Moore, for The Guardian, said: “If your idea of hell is sitting next to Kate Moss on an easyJet flight, you really must be dead inside and it’s you, not her, who should be cocooning yourself up in first class.

“The sinful woman was flying home to her husband and child after a girlie weekend which wasn’t over until it was over. Women like Kate Moss because she lives the dream: hers and ours.”

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