Kanye West faces paying out ‘£6million’ if he cheats on Kim Kardashian

They got married yesterday in the celebrity wedding of the year, and, as you would expect, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly have a huge pre-nuptial agreement in place.


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According to the Daily Star, while Kim, 33, ‘will get nothing’, if she leaves 36-year-old Kanye within the next three years, he will have to fork out a massive £6million if he cheats on her.

Kim is apparently worth around £24million, while Kanye’s rap career is said to have netted him a huge £60million fortune.

A source told the newspaper: “Kim gets absolutely nothing if the union is as short-lived as her last one.” In 2011, Kim divorced her second husband Kris Humphries after being married to him for just 72 days.

Their lavish ceremony included huge walls of white flowers
Their lavish ceremony included huge walls of white flowers

However, it is claimed that Kim will earn around £600,000 for every year she and Kanye are married, and a whopping £3million for every child they have together.

Kim will also be the prime beneficiary of Kanye’s life insurance policy, although it is unknown how much that is worth. The source added: “It might look as if the pre-nup is heavily weighted in her favour but that is actually not the case.

“If they didn’t have any kind of agreement, under the law in California – which will continue to be their main state of residence – she would be entitled to exactly half of all his worldly assets if they divorce. So the reality is that Kanye actually comes out on top in this pre-nup.”

Rob was pictured arriving at LAX when he should have been at the wedding

Kanye and Kim married yesterday in a lavish ceremony at the Forte Belvedere in Florence. Their family and guests spent the few days before the wedding in Paris, before being flown over to Italy for the wedding.

According to reports, Kim’s only brother Rob did not attend the wedding and instead flew home to LA from Paris after an argument with her.

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