Junior Andre tells mum Katie Price she’s ‘past it’ in this hilarious video!


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Junior Andre tells his mum Katie Price that she's "past it" in a hilarious clip from next week's Katie Price: My Crazy Life

Over the past few weeks of Katie Price: My Crazy Life, we have really seen just how amazingly sassy Katie Price's second eldest son Junior is.

First, we saw him literally tell her off for being inappropriate with her hubby Kieran Hayler in front of them.

Then we saw him laugh in her face when she announced her singing career to the family.

We love Junior's sassy responses! (Credit: Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life) ©Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life

THEN Junior branded his mum as fake for having plastic surgery!

And whilst we would NEVER approve of kiddies talking back to their mums like this normally, we can't help but find everything he says hilarious.

But it doesn't stop there - in a clip from next Monday's episode of the show, Junior takes the mick out of Katie once again!

WATCH: Junior Andre and Kieran Hayler gang up on Katie Price and tell her she's "past it"

It starts off with the family on holiday in The Maldives, with Katie saying: "Don't you think that Junior is like me in the way that we wind people up?" with Princess immediately saying: "Yes, obviously!"

Katie then asks them: "Who do you think's got more my personality, Princess or Junior?" with Princess answering that her brother was.

The mum-of-five then turns to him: "Do you think you're like me a lot?" to which Junior says he's a "mixture".

Kieran then taunts his stepson, saying that he walks around thinking he's amazing, to which Junior cries: "You make me out to be such a bad person!"

Kieran taunts his stepson (Credit: Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life) ©Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life

Katie tries to make him feel better: "It's only because I'm jealous because they want your autograph and not mine! And they're all looking at you and not me and asking you for the pictures not me!"

Kieran sarcastically comforts his wife, saying: "Aww babes how does it feel to be past it?"

The family laugh, and Katie asks Junior whether he thinks she's past it.

The lad won't meet her eye, and says: "Well, modelling..." causing Katie to burst out: "So when you're 39 you can't model?!"

He's NOT happy (Credit: Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life) ©Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life

But Junior's next admission made us do a double take, as he revealed: "The only good looking older person is Sharon Osbourne.

"She's the only person who's probably ever going to look that good at that age."

Erm... Well, we're sure Sharon will be pleased to hear that!

Junior admits he thinks Sharon Osbourne is a very good looking woman (Credit: Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life) ©Quest Red/ Katie Price: My Crazy Life

The video then cuts to an interview with Junior and Princess, where Junior says: "Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude here, Mum is better than most 39-year-olds out there.

"But modelling is kind of for younger women."

Oh dear, even at 12-years-old Junior is aware that women are looked down on the older they get!

Katie Price: My Crazy Life continues Mondays at 10pm on Quest Red.

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