Julia Roberts ‘working with Meryl Streep was a dream’

The Hollywood actress has said that working on the release of her new film, August: Osage County, was the best acting experience of her life.


by Closer Staff |

After a career stretching 26 years earning herself academy awards and golden globe nominations, there is now speculation as to whether or not she will be a contender in next February’s Oscars.

The new film that will hit the UK next month, sees Julia alongside legend Meryl Streep as a woman struggling to deal with her mother who is addicted to pills.

In an interview with a UK magazine, the pretty woman actress explained that her part in the new film was “a great challenge” but “it was amazing.”

The 46 year old beauty even admitted she was often star struck when working with Meryl, explaining: “She is the best there is…to watch her up close…it was a privilege.”

Meryl plays Violet Weston in the film
Meryl plays Violet Weston in the film

It’s nice to see someone who has enjoyed a successful career with performances in the likes of Erin Brockovish and Notting Hill but when asked about what she would do if her children wanted to follow in her footsteps, her response is clear.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know…it’s brought me an enormous amount of joy, my job, so I wouldn’t just dismiss it.”

It’s nice to hear that Julia has strong beliefs and she even concluded, “I want to be a version of my mother.”

We guess it’s only time before her children are appearing in blockbuster films.

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