Jubilee showdown: ‘Meghan Markle’s scared – but she’s got a game plan to compete with Kate Middleton’

Ahead of her return to the UK next week, insiders say ‘anxious’ Meghan has been doing all she can to feel and look her best

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by Lauren Hill-Roger |

Celebrations are just days away and, like many others who are gearing up to attend street parties to mark the Queen’s Jubilee, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their two children are also preparing for the big weekend, which will be the first time they’ve stepped on British soil as a family since their shock 2020 departure from the royals.

And while royal biographer Duncan Larcombe recently told Closer he believed their visit will be a chance for the couple to show their true intentions, after many royalists were left fearing they would be joined by Netflix crews – the reaction Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, will receive from the public, and indeed the royal family, is still uncertain.

It’s been just over a year since their explosive tell-all with Oprah Winfrey, during which they accused an unnamed senior royal of racism, with Meghan professing she was a victim of bullying by Kate Middleton and neglect by palace staff when it came to her mental health.

Yet while the dust is yet to settle on their claims, the couple have continued to use their royal titles to pursue deals with streaming services and publishers that have earned them millions – all while leaving the royals in the dark as to what revelations could be brought to light next as Harry’s memoir nears its release date later this year.

So it came as little surprise that, while confirmed by a palace spokesperson that Harry and Meghan had been invited – along with Archie, three, and Lilibet, who celebrates her first birthday on 4 June – the Queen won’t allow them on the Buckingham Palace balcony as they are “non-working” royals.

Instead, Harry and Meghan – who it emerged last week would also be opening their home to Netflix cameras and filming a “Kardashians-style fly-on-the-wall” TV show – are thought to be hoping for the children to celebrate with their great-grandmother in private and for Lilibet to meet her and other members of the family.

But, while it’s set to be a momentous occasion, an insider has revealed that following so much scandal since their move to California, Meghan in particular has been having to mentally prepare to return.

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A source says, “Coming back is going to be a huge thing for Meghan. So much has gone on and so much has been said. While there’s been tension and friction, Meghan has come to a place where she doesn’t want to fight any longer. Knowing how upset it’s made the Queen has forced her to reassess and hopefully put this painful past behind her. She’s been preparing herself mentally and physically with a game plan to silence her critics. She’s worked with her therapist on adjusting her mindset to prepare her for the stresses the situation will put her through.

“She’s also been doing a lot of mindfulness work – both alone and with Harry – and is in a place where she can let bygones be bygones –  she just hopes the rest of the royal family can too.”

Harry has previously revealed how therapy has helped him cope since they dramatically quit royal life, saying it had, “equipped me to be able to take on anything”, and left him feeling he could ‘lift my head’ and be ‘a bit more free’.

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Meanwhile, the couple were spotted indulging in one of Harry’s favourite British pastimes last week as he played polo at a local club in Santa Barbara, with Meghan by his side. Fans praised the mum-of-two’s casual look in a white shirt and shorts, and said the Duchess – who gave birth to Lilibet last June – looked “gorgeous”.And the source reveals how Meghan has recently been “upping her health and fitness routine” ahead of the Jubilee.

“Meghan wants to look amazing, especially knowing how people will no doubt be comparing her and Kate, and that she’ll somewhat have to compete. She’s been doing reformer Pilates almost daily, and focusing heavily on strengthening her core.

“She’s also been following a high-protein, vegan diet and cutting out treats. She’s drinking green smoothies with spinach, banana and a scoop of collagen powder to boost her glow.”

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However, Meghan – who joined Harry on a brief trip to see the Queen ahead of The Invictus Games in April – is still said to be feeling “anxious” and is hoping her healthy mindset will help bolster her confidence. The source adds, “Meghan’s nervous and has been filled with anxiety, which has been managed through her workouts and therapy. She’s doing everything in her power to ensure their trip can be calm and civil, and that they can all do their best to ensure the focus is on the Jubilee rather than their warring family.”

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