Josie Gibson reveals: ‘My ex is still living with me but we don’t love each other anymore’

Former Big Brother star Josie Gibson revealed she split from fiancé Luke Sanwo last week, after three years engaged.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The 30-year-old star has now spoken out about what left their once perfect relationship in tatters.

‘We knew things hadn’t been right for months’ admitted Josie, ‘But you know when you get stuck in a rut? It’s hard to make that change.’

Josie and Luke were planning their wedding until they split last week
Josie and Luke were planning their wedding until they split last week

Bubbly Josie, who won the nation’s heart in 2010 on Big Brother, revealed that her relationship started to unravel when she shed six stone in 2013, going from a size 20 to a svelte 10 in a few months.

But rather than be pleased with his girlfriend’s trimmer frame, Luke apparently ‘went off’ Josie as soon as she started to lose the weight.

After a while, the star says they just simple fell out of love with one another.

‘We’re different people now and, while I still love Luke and he still loves me, we aren’t in love with each other any more. The passion’s gone. It’s been gone for a year now and we just don’t fancy each other any more.’

Josie admitted that plumber Luke is still living with her in the spare room, but just till he manages to find a place of his own.

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