Josie Gibson pregnancy shock

As single mum Josie Gibson’s ex moves back in with her and their son, she is focusing on adding to their family

Josie Gibson

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She was all smiles as she was snapped on a walk in the park in Bristol with her son Reggie, 21 months. And as Josie Gibson cherishes more quality time with her son during lockdown, she also has additional day-to-day help from Reggie’s dad Terry, her ex, who moved back in last month.

Now pals say Josie, 35, is even considering having another baby.

A source says, “Josie is all about family these days; she enjoys working and is happy, but she’s got more of a balance to life now. She’s just so content now she’s a mum and is contemplating whether now is the time to have another.

"Josie’s been telling friends she’d like a girl next. At first her friends were a bit shocked, given her relationship with Terry, but she loves being a mum and says it has completely changed her life. She thinks having a sibling for Reggie would complete the family.”

Josie Gibson son Reggie
Josie with son Reggie ©Ruth Rose

Josie split with property developer Terry when Reggie was just four months old, following a blazing row at Christmas that saw Terry throw her out of his home. But over time, their relationship slowly recovered and Terry moved into Josie’s Bristol home during lockdown so they could co-parent.

In a recent interview she admitted, “Even though I find it hard to live with him, I’ve realised I can’t really live without him. I do really love him but he’s just hard work.”

The source says, “Josie has always maintained that Terry was a great dad, and after spending so much time together, they’re getting along really well and have discussed the idea of having another baby. Terry and Reggie are attached at the hip and Josie loved them all being together under one roof.

"They’re not a couple again but they’re best friends co-parenting, and Josie hasn’t ruled out a reunion. Terry would love to get back together and have another baby – he adores Josie and Reggie.”

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Despite being made to change her name to 'DogFace' as part of a task, Sophie won the show in 2009, winning the prize fund of £71,320.

Sophie Reade20 of 36
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NOW: Sophie Reade

Since then, Sophie has continued with her modelling career, appearing in a number of different publications including Playboy.

Josie Gibson21 of 36
CREDIT: u00a9 Rex/Shuttershock

THEN: Josie Gibson

Josie won Big Brother in 2010 and later appeared on Ultimate Big Brother later in the year.

Josie Gibson22 of 36
CREDIT: u00a9 Rex/Shuttershock

NOW: Josie Gibson

Despite splitting from fellow contestant John James Parton, Josie went on to have a mega successful career, landing herself fitness DVDs, TV presenting gigs and her very own TV show. In 2019, Josie welcomed her first child, a baby boy called Reggie-James.

Luke Anderson23 of 36
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Luke Anderson24 of 36
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After winning the show, Luke quit showbiz and is now a head chef at a hotel.

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Since then, Jason has focused his attention on property developing and according to reports, he's set to have '£20 million in the bank in the next 10 months'.

Isabelle Warburton33 of 36
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THEN: Isabelle Warburton

Isabelle was crowned winner of Big Brother in 2017.

Isabelle Warburton34 of 36
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NOW: Isabelle Warburton

Isabelle now has over 90k followers on Instagram, making money from promotional deals on social media.

THEN: Cameron Cole35 of 36
CREDIT: Getty Images

THEN: Cameron Cole

Cameron became the last ever Big Brother winner in 2018 and he was only 18 at the time.

NOW: Cameron Cole36 of 36
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NOW: Cameron Cole

Cameron now has over almost 30k Instagram followers and has launched his own content platform.

Watch: Josie Gibson in the big Big Brother reunion quiz

Josie, who won the 2010 series of Big Brother, became famous for her sensational weight loss in 2012, slimming from a size 20 to a size 8 through a high-protein, low-fat diet combined with regular workouts – a plan that she later turned into a bestselling fitness DVD.

She went on to gain 4st with Reggie, before slimming back down to a size 14, but admitted to Closer last month that she was now back to a size 18 after relaxing her regime in lockdown.

Josie Gibson weightloss
Josie dropped from size 20 to eight before having Reggie ©Getty

She said, “I’ve become very lazy and I’ve been indulging like you wouldn’t believe! I cooked a crumble the other day and ate the whole lot. I see all these people doing Joe Wicks workouts and I wonder how they have the energy. But if you can’t indulge in lockdown, when can you?”

However, pals say that while she’s keen to be as healthy as possible before she has another baby, Josie won’t put pressure on herself to slim down.

She told Closer shortly after giving birth that she’d never be able to get back to a size 8 again, saying, “There’s no way I could be a size 8 now I’ve got Reggie. I was exercising all the time, cycling everywhere and being really careful with what I ate. I don’t have time for that now.”

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The source says, “She’s not as worried about her body, and jokes that she can’t find the motivation to stick to a diet for more than a couple of hours. It’s tiring looking after a toddler and, like a lot of mums, Josie finds herself turning to sugar for an energy boost. She intends to get up early and exercise every morning and it never happens! But she doesn’t want to waste time worrying about her figure.

“Josie knows she could be fitter and eat a little better, and of course she’d want to be in good shape for another pregnancy. She’s planning on getting a personal trainer and will go back to a plant-based diet to shed a few pounds, but she won’t let it rule her life. Josie would love to be a mum again and wants to be as healthy as possible – that’s her motivation.”

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