Josie Cunningham’s ex speaks out: ‘We had sex loads- but never made love’

Josie Cunningham’s ex-fiance has made claims about his relationship with controversial Josie Cunningham


by Fiona Day |
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Earlier this year it was revealed that Josie Cunningham had split from ex-fiance Andrew Goy after a terrifying domestic incident.

Now, Goy has spoken to the Sunday Mirror about his relationship with ‘Britain’s most hated woman’.

He spoke about their sex life, saying bluntly: “We had sex loads - but we never once made love. She wanted other blokes involved but I'm not into all that.”

Josie’s agent has denied Goys claims, telling the newspaper: “That’s not true at all. She’s quite open about things – there’s never a dull moment with Josie. But he’s just trying to cover up. If she told the whole story, he’d be mortified.”

Goy also claims that Josie punched him on the back of the head, something that Josie’s agent and friend Rob Cooper has also dismissed.

Josie split from Andrew earlier this year
Josie split from Andrew earlier this year

He said: “It’s completely untrue. The neighbours actually called the police because he shattered the window and that’s proven – he’s been to court and got a suspended sentence.

“If you look at him and his history, the idea that Josie domestically abused him is just ridiculous.”

Cooper added: “The man is totally delusional and he’s just shouting his mouth off. He obviously the kind of person that loves the attention. You don’t get a tattoo around your eye socket otherwise.”

Goy still claims that he genuinely loved Josie, but that he is unsure whether or not she loved him back.

He said: “I don't know if she loved me but I really loved that girl.

“It breaks my heart that Josie's turned out as the person she's portrayed as - the most hated woman in Britain. She will carry on doing what she's done with me to the next person.

“I’m just grateful to be clean away from her.”

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