Josie Cunningham: ‘I want to date someone else’s husband – so it’s not a full time commitment’

Josie Cunningham is on the hunt for a man – and she doesn’t mind sharing.


by Jack White |
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The controversial mum tweeted this week about wanting to find a husband, but was quick to clear up speculation that she’ll be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

Because Josie doesn’t want her own husband… she wants yours!

She tweeted: “People misunderstood my tweet yesterday about using of find myself a husband.

“Truth is, this time I want to find myself someone else’s husband within a month – so it’s not a full time commitment. More part time.”

At least she’s honest.

Unsurprisingly Josie’s hunt for a married man was met with some backlash.

One Twitter user said: “This girl doesn’t stop. Everyday she has something more embarrassing to talk about. To think that’s actually someone’s mother.”

Another swiped: “Any man desperate to fall for that waste of DNA has my pity and may God have mercy on his soul.”

Josie launched before Christmas to give girls a platform to find a stranger to have sex with in order to get pregnant.

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