Josie Cunningham tells wrong man he’s the father of her baby

Josie Cunningham has compared her life to Eastenders after telling the wrong man he’s the father of her child


by Fiona Day |
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The 24-year-old took to Twitter to share the latest twist in her dramatic year, revealing that despite narrowing her baby’s possible father down to three people she had still managed to make a major error in notifying the unsuspecting dad-to-be.

She wrote: “What an absolute f*ck up! Put the wrong DNA results in the wrong envelope then had to tell the guy who thought he was the father he wasn't!”

“My life actually feels like an episode of Eastenders, Whys nothing simple!?!?”

Josie- who shot to fame after getting a boob job off the NHS- revealed she was pregnant earlier this year.

Despite initially planning to abort the pregnancy so she could enter the Big Brother house, Josie gave birth to a healthy daughter named Grace in the autumn.

She narrowed the baby’s possible fathers down to a surgeon she slept with whilst working as an escort, her best friend’s boyfriend and a conman who tricked her into believing he was a premiership footballer.

She tweeted before Christmas: “How to tell all three men has been a really hard decision but, as it’s Christmas I thought it would be a really nice surprise for Grace’s dad to find out on Christmas Day.

“I have arranged for one of my friends to put cards through all three of their front doors late Christmas Eve.

“I will photocopy the results then staple them inside a card. I will also change my mobile number at the same time and only the father’s card will have my new number inside.

“I feel that who ever the father is, he should be pleased that he has had such a beautiful daughter with me.”


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