Josie Cunningham shared pages from her diary… and you’ll be REALLY surprised at what it says!

Josie Cunningham

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Josie Cunningham hit headline in 2013 when she revealed her plans to abort her third child so she could star on Big Brother

Josie Cunningham has emotionally opened up and shared pages from her diary from three years ago.

The controversial mum-of-four first hit headlines after she bragged about receiving a free boob job on the NHS. She then revealed she planned to have an abortion back in 2013 so she could feature on CBB but changed her mind.

After falling pregnant for the fourth time she later admitted she had an abortion so she could have a nose job. At the time, she explained to the Sunday People: "I’m having this nose job no matter what gets in my way.

"Pregnancy was a major obstacle and an abortion was the answer to it – so that’s what I did."

Josie was then 'devastated' after she was refused the nose job she aborted her child for. Now the mum-of-four who has been publically slammed by Katie Price, Michelle Heaton, Chanelle Hayes and Katie Hopkins has shared pages from her diary dated back in 2013.

On Twitter she shared a photo of the Sunday Mirror front page with the headline that read: 'I'll get rid of my baby to star on Big Brother,' she then shared three pages from her diary. On Twitter she admitted she "feels emotional" and confessed that she "cried for hours" after seeing the newspaper.

Josie Cunningham diary three years ago
Josie shared pages of her diaries from 2013 on social media (Credit: Twitter / JosieCOnline) ©Twitter / JosieCOnline

In her diary the model – who was pregnant with her third child Grace - revealed the headline was "partially true but so blunt that people won't understand," she went on to explain that she was trying to not think of her third pregnancy as a person: "Instead I've thought of my two little boys and how much their life has improved over the past 12 months.

"I wish the headline was 'I will terminate my baby to provide a better life for the two boys I already have and not risk going back to not having a pot to piss in,' but that's not newsworthy I guess."

She continued: "No one understands me. I don't want fame I want the money that goes with it. Not for the luxuries but for a better life for my children."

Josie Cunningham diary three years ago
Josie opened up in her diary about her decision to have an abortion (Credit: Twitter / JosieCOnline) ©Twitter / JosieCOnline

Josie went on to explain that she wasn't on benefits but felt that the media left that out of the stories so they could portray her as "a heartless scrounging bitch."

She then shockingly admitted she didn't want the abortion but if she changes her mind she'll "look like an idiot."

Four days later Jodie wrote in her diary again with a change of heart. After revealing she's no longer is going to have an abortion, she concluded the entry by staying: "As long as I have enough money to feed my children well, dress them nice and give them lots of love then I don't care if I have to eat beans on toast every night and hand wash the same clothes for a year.

Josie Cunningham diary three years ago
Josie has hit the headlines for lots of controversial topics (Credit: Twitter / JosieCOnline) ©Twitter / JosieCOnline

"F—k the public, I'm going to make it whether I have 3 children or 20."

Fans praised Josie for her confession. One person wrote: "Only naive people will believe the tabloids, others will understand you're doing it for money and family. You're a good person and mum."

Another wrote: "Blunt but honest. I respect that. Providing for family is what being a parent is about."

Someone else said: "Breaks my heart!! Love ya hun X"

One more person added: "This is so sad"

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