Josie Cunningham shares shock naked photos of ex after he sells story

Josie Cunningham has taken to Twitter to expose her ex’s ‘k**b cheese’ in graphic revenge photos

Josie Cunningham shares shock naked picturess of ex after he sells story

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Andrew Goy first met Josie Cunningham, who made headlines when she bragged about her NHS breast implants, on dating website Plenty Of Fish last October.

He had previously served jail time for GBH after punching an ex-lover in the face and breaking her jaw, but, when they first began dating, Josie took to Twitter to insist that he was a changed man.

However they soon split - with Josie posting a cryptic message on Twitter, suggesting he had also turned violent with her.

However, over the weekend, the tattooed ex-convict insisted that Josie was the reason their relationship fell apart - and that their sex life wasn't normal.

He told The Sunday Mirror: “We had sex loads - but we never once made love. She wanted other blokes involved but I'm not into all that.”

Josie's agent Rob Cooper has since denied the claims, saying: “That’s not true at all. She’s quite open about things – there’s never a dull moment with Josie. But he’s just trying to cover up.

“If she told the whole story, he’d be mortified.”

And it seems as if Josie is gearing up to spill the beans in a very big way, sharing a naked photo of Goy with her 108,000 followers on Twitter.

She also ranted about the fact he had bought her a ‘strap-on dildo’ to use on him, sharing a picture of the item on Twitter.

She also gave a ‘preview’ of some explicit texts he had sent her, captioning the screenshot: “So, I hear talk that Andy is trying to sell another story.

“Crack on babe - I'll show everyone these texts.”


Goy has since claimed that Josie ‘domestically abused’ him, something which Rob Cooper has also denied on her behalf.

He said: “It’s completely untrue. The neighbours actually called the police because he shattered the window and that’s proven – he’s been to court and got a suspended sentence.

“If you look at him and his history, the idea that Josie domestically abused him is just ridiculous.

“The man is totally delusional and he’s just shouting his mouth off. He's obviously the kind of person that loves the attention.”

He added scathingly: “You don’t get a tattoo around your eye socket otherwise.”

Do you think Josie Cunningham has gone too far in her quest for revenge - or are her actions justified? Let us know via the comments box below now.

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