Josie Cunningham reunited with sex toy: ‘I thought I’d lost him’

when Josie Cunningham moved house earlier this month, she tweeted her upset at leaving her favourite item behind.


by Jack White |
Published on

The 23-year-old posted that she’d forgotten to pick up her dildo before leaving the property and revealed the council had already changed the locks so she couldn’t retrieve it.

But, thankfully for the mum-of-two, she has been reunited with ‘Baz’. Yep, Josie has a name for her sex toy.

Taking to Twitter today, Josie posted a photo of her proudly holding it and wrote: “Baz!!!!! I found him in a box from moving! Yay! #FriendsReunited #ThoughtI’dLostHim [sic]”

Immediately Twitter users replied angrily, telling Josie she should be focusing on her children rather than her dildo.

One wrote: “You are a new mother why are you posting pictures of your dildo u f**king train wreck.I feel so bad for your baby #socialservices [sic]”

Another blasted: “Not big enough for that skip of yours? Get a marrow you dog [sic]”

But not everybody was negative. One user said: “I don’t know why people get so worked up, it’s her life. Don’t like what she tweets… Don’t follow her [sic].”

Someone rather cheekily added: “Bet your gonna have fun with him lol. X [sic]”

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