Josie Cunningham’s agent releases statement on ‘suicide picture’: “She was simply showing the level of abuse she gets”

Josie Cunningham has taken to Twitter, telling followers ‘I’ve been so stupid.’


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Josie Cunningham reportedly found out the sex of her unborn baby before taking to Twitter, though it is not known what led her to post the shocking tweets.

‘Absolutely heartbroken/devastated/fuming!!!’ she wrote, before adding: ‘Don't know what to do!!!!!! Don't even have many options left!!!’

She then tweeted: ‘Never make life changing decisions based on advise from someone claiming they have psychic abilities!! So angry!!!!’

She referred to her controversial pregnancy, writing: ‘Can't stop crying. 23 weeks pregnant as well! Lots to think about. I've been so stupid.’

Josie told followers she would be staying off Twitter
Josie told followers she would be staying off Twitter

‘I'm coming off twitter for a few weeks - my management will keep you updated. People can be so nasty!’

Josie retweeted this picture sent to her from a follower

She then tweeted a shocking image of a man shooting himself.

A source close to Josie suggested that she was upset to find out the baby's sex, but have Josie’s Twitter trolls become too much?

Josie’s management has asked us to confirm that Josie is not suicidal. Her decision to retweet the message which included an image of a man shooting himself was simply to show followers the level of abuse she receives online. It was not related to her previous tweets.

The star became the focus of public attention earlier this year after she told a UK newspaper that she was planning on having an abortion so she could enter The Big Brother house.

Mother-of-two Josie (who had a boob job on the NHS) later revealed that she changed her mind about having the termination.

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