Is Jordan’s surgery addiction going too far?

In this week's Closer sources say Jordan is not happy with results of her seventh boob job as she worries they are too small and that she has lost all her sexiness


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Her love for plastic surgery is as infamous as her turbulent love life, so it came as no surprise when Jordan recently went under the knife for her seventh boob job – proudly posting pouty photos from her hospital bed online.

And while she kept her new bust under wraps last week, Jordan – who in sited her previous 32dd bust, boosted in 2012, had been left 'saggy' by back to back pregnancies with Jett and Bunny – publicly claimed to have dramatically reduced her cup size, adding: "I have gone really small. I want to reinvent myself."

But behind closed doors, sources are saying the star is already regretting the transformation, telling pals she is set to have another round of surgery to regain her famed cleavage.

A source says: "She is still healing from the surgery but Katie had the bandages off last week and was really unhappy by the results. She says they are smaller than she wanted and are still swollen – so are only going to get smaller. She thought she wanted a whole new look but now she now she does not feel like herself."

Despite being unhappy with her latest surgery, insiders say that has not stopped the star – who also sparked speculation her lip fillers in recent weeks – from preparing to undergo even more cosmetic procedures.

A source says: "Katie's told pals she had lip fillers right before her boob job two weeks a go and has plans for more fillers in her cheeks, permanent make up and even no invasive liposuction. While friends are telling her to try and lay off the procedures she remains adamant that no matter how much surgery she has done, she is never satisfied."

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