Jordan accuses her ex Peter Andre of lying and intensifies her legal bid

Jordan accuses her ex husband Peter Andre of lying when he said he didn’t know she was allegedly raped – and intensifies her legal bid to make him pay


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It’s been three years since their bitter divorce, but a legal battle between Jordan and Peter Andre hit a new low last week, as Jordan lodged more sensational claims against him in court.

The pair have been locked in an explosive High Court legal dispute since March, in which Jordan – real name Katie Price – is suing Pete and his management team for allegedly spreading private information about her and conducting a sustained campaign to destroy her reputation.

A source close to Jordan, 34, has revealed “the gloves are now off” in the bitter fight with ex Pete. The insider says: “Katie’s said she is sick of the lies that have been told about her over the years, and the war that has been waged.

'The pair have been locked in an explosive High Court legal dispute since March'

She says it’s her mission to make Pete pay for all his lies since their split.

“Katie’s been telling friends: ‘I know Pete will never speak to me again – but this is revenge for him destroying my life!’

“She says she never set out to make Pete’s life hell, but she wants to make him pay for what she says are lies.”

The source adds: “Pete seems just as determined to fight his corner and intends to contest the claims. It’s deadlock – they’re both determined to go for the jugular. Jordan’s told pals she’s reached rock bottom with Pete, but she won’t give up the fight.

“Meanwhile Pete thinks even when the case is closed, Jordan won’t give up her attack on him. It’s all-out war between them.”

A spokesperson for Peter denied all of Jordan’s latest claims in a statement, saying: “It is correct that Katie Price initiated proceedings claiming breach of privacy. We consider that the claim is without merit and it is being defended vigorously. The matter is in the hands of our lawyers and it is not appropriate to comment further.”

In March, Jordan started legal procedings against Pete, 39, his manager Claire Powell, Claire’s company CAN Associates and Jordan’s former friend Jamelah Asmar, alleging they had misused personal information about her and were behind rumours that she had a secret affair with her former riding instructor Andrew Gould, got pregnant by him and subsequently had an abortion. Both Jordan and Andrew Gould strenuously deny the allegations.

Jordan and Peter as a married couple
Jordan and Peter as a married couple

And in the latest court papers, released earlier this month and available to the public, Jordan claims Pete lied in September 2009 when he publically denied she’d ever told him about an alleged rape, which happened “many years ago.”

In September 2009, Jordan – who’s now engaged to Argentianian model Leandro Penna, 26 – made the shocking claim in a magazine that she was attacked by “a celebrity.” In the aftermath of her disclosure, she said she suffered a public backlash. It was a full week before Pete, in a subsequent interview, denied any prior knowledge of the alleged assault, telling a magazine: “It was the first I’d heard of it. I was as shocked as everyone else.”

'Katie says that Pete lying about now knowing of her rape was his lowest moment'

But, last week, Jordan claimed that Pete lied in the interview and that his denial of knowing about the alleged rape fuelled public hostility towards her.

She said last week: “It is now clear when Peter strenuously denied that we had ever discussed my rape – which led to unbelievable abuse being aimed at me – he was not being honest. I will never understand why he did that, knowing how I was being vilified.”

A source adds: “Katie says that Pete lying about not knowing of her rape was his lowest moment.”

In other confidential papers lodged by Jordan’s lawyers, sources say she names the celebrity who allegedly raped her.

In last week’s explosive legal documents, Jordan detailed the strategy she claims Pete and Claire – who also managed her for five years – put in place to discredit her before the acrimonious split.

But behind the scenes, insiders say Pete – who has son Junior, seven, and daughter Princess, five, with Jordan, and also acts as stepdad to her son Harvey, 10, from her relationship with Dwight Yorke – is furious his ex is dragging his name through the courts.

A pal says: “Pete’s saying: ‘Jordan is the liar. She won’t get a penny out of me in court.’

“He told his inner circle: ‘I’ve aged 10 years in the last year. It’s turning really nasty. I have to keep fighting though.”

It’s not the first time the pair have been embroiled in a legal battle. In March 2010, Jordan had to pay out “substantial damages” to Claire Powell after she wrongly suggested Peter and Claire had an affair. Then in December, she had to pay out again over the affair claims – this time to Peter. In addition, there were damages regarding her accusation that Peter didn’t love her son Harvey.

In November 2011, relations appeared to have thawed when Pete insisted he was trying to be “friends” with Jordan for the sake of their kids.

But, in February, Pete sensationally revealed during an interview that he would never reconcile with Jordan, suggesting she’d already asked him to take her back and was “obsessed” with him. Jordan responded angrily on her blog and threatened legal action. Her statement read: “I don’t want to be with him and I know he does not want to be with me.”

Now, insiders say relations between Jordan and Peter have deteriorated to an all-time low and, as their children returned to school this term, the pair avoided meeting face to face.

A source says: “Jordan agreed that he could pick them up at the end of the day. All of the liaising about the kids is done through their nannies. They can’t stand the sight of each other and things are at rock bottom between them at the moment.”

By Katie Banks

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