Joey Essex opens up about what really happened between him and Amy Willerton: “She was quite a tiger!”

Their relationship was over before it had even started after they appeared on I’m a Celebrity last year, but now Joey Essex has revealed exactly what happened between him and Amy Willerton.


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The former TOWIE star, 23, has opened up about the ‘relationship’ in his new autobiography Being Reem.

In it he writes: “As we were talking, our faces got really close then we just kissed. ‘I’ve wanted to do that for a little while now,’ I said. ‘I feel the same. It’s so strange’, she replied.

“Then we started kissing again! That night was the first time we slept together. I wouldn’t usually have sex with a girl so soon but with Amy it was different. It was like nothing I’d experienced before.

Joey has opened up about Amy for the first time in his new autobiography
Joey has opened up about Amy for the first time in his new autobiography

“She was quite a tiger too. One day, I went back to the room to get changed and she followed me inside, jumped on me and…well, use your imagination!”

The extracts – published by The Sun – reveal that Joey and Amy couldn’t resist each other even when on the flight back to the UK.

“Seven hours into the Emirates flight, we crept out of our seats and went up different aisles to the toilets,” he said. “Once we got inside we stood in there kissing passionately for what seemed like ages.

But he says that he and Sam are 'dangerous'

“I was convinced the people who worked behind the bar knew what we were up to. I could see it in their eyes.”

But, despite his amazing chemistry with Amy, Joey now only has eyes for his girlfriend Sam Faiers, also 23.

He said: “Whenever [Sam and I] start speaking, we fall back in love with each other straight away. It’s like a chemistry thing, we can’t help it. I know how dangerous it gets with us.

“Even after all the bad times we can still look each other in the eye and say ‘I love you’ and really mean it.”

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