Joey Essex ‘dating woman called Reem’

Joey Essex has gone and got himself a girlfriend – and we can't believe her name!

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The 24-year-old former TOWIE star reportedly fell in love while in Dubai… with a woman called REEM.

This is not a drill. Joey is famed for his love of catchphrase reem, which he uses to describe basically anything he likes, and now he’s got a girl who truly is.

A source revealed to The Sun: “Joey couldn’t believe she’s called Reem – he even asked if she could show him her passport.

“He wasn’t looking for love when he flew out to Dubai, but Reem really took his fancy. They get on really well and Joey has high hopes. He thinks it could be fate.”

Reem is now based in Dubai but she’s apparently from Yorkshire, where she used to work as a beauty consultant.

Now Joey is said to be planning more trips to visit his reem lover.

Joey with ex-girlfriend Sam Faiers
Joey with ex-girlfriend Sam Faiers

The insider continued: “Joey has enjoyed being single, but he hasn’t met anyone he likes until now.

“He’s hoping to make plenty more visits to Dubai to visit deem.”

Before Reem, Joey was in an on/off relationship with fellow former The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers.

Joey Essex's life in pictures


From totally reem TOWIE cheeky chap, to sick jungle Prince: Joey Essex's life in pictures

Nana Essex's wall of fame1 of 26

Nana Essex's wall of fame

Cousin Chloe Sims (also right with a young Joey) feature on Nana Essex's wall of fame, alongside sister Frankie and cousin Charlie Sims.

Looking for a mother figure2 of 26

Looking for a mother figure

Joey lost his mother at 10, and sister Frankie, as well as cousin Chloe (pictured as a teen), helped his father raise him.

Joey Essex the reality star3 of 26

Joey Essex the reality star

Joey makes his cameo appearance in TOWIE's second series in 2012, ruffling alpha male Mark Wright's over 'salty potato' ('fit bird) Sam Faiers.

One of the lads4 of 26

One of the lads

Jo' establishes himself as one of the TOWIE crew with his quirky dress sense, blue-eyed humour and unique vocab. Shut up. Reem! Well jel.

Bafta award winners 20125 of 26

Bafta award winners 2012

Joey and the cast win a bafta for their vajazzle-filled performance on the show.

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Joey's style

The 23-year-old shares his unique sense of style. Why be flashy?

Life, love and 'confrontating'7 of 26

Life, love and 'confrontating'

The nation has fallen in love with TOWIE's 'creepy sick' Joey- from teaching us a whole new range of vocab, to watching love blossom and fail with various 'salty potatoes we look at our favourite not-so-wide boy.

Onesie time8 of 26

Onesie time

Starting off a onesie craze, Joey was even spotted with Sam sporting matching all-in-ones.

'I love you'. 'I hate you'.9 of 26

'I love you'. 'I hate you'.

The fiery twosome hit headlines with their on-off romance.

The proposal10 of 26

The proposal

A tearful Joey proposes to Sam in Dubai.

The engagement11 of 26

The engagement

In true Joey style, only a Disney themed engagement cake would do for their party.

The break-up12 of 26

The break-up

The engagement is short-lived and there are tears all around.

Joey has a post break-up spring clean13 of 26

Joey has a post break-up spring clean

Or tries.

Boy's time14 of 26

Boy's time

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And finds new 'bwoyys'15 of 26

And finds new 'bwoyys'

In the form of Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing. Traitor.

'Fusey haircut'16 of 26

'Fusey haircut'

His style is clearly infectious, and soon he has a clan of mini-mes at his beck and call.

I'm A Celebrity.. Get Me Outta here!17 of 26

I'm A Celebrity.. Get Me Outta here!

A tarzan-esque Joey makes the move from one reality show to another.

It must be love18 of 26

It must be love

Joey only has eyes for Miss Britain Amy Willerton.

Joey learns how to tell the time19 of 26

Joey learns how to tell the time

As they grow closer, Joey reveals he never learned to tell the time as that was the time his mum died, so Amy teaches him, jungle-style.

Trialed out20 of 26

Trialed out

Joey is chosen for every trial in the first week- and aces them.

Post-jungle21 of 26


Joey shocks everyone with his emaciated post-jungle appearance.

Stocking up22 of 26

Stocking up

But he soon stocks back up on some much-missed grub- with his now confirmed girlfriend Amy by his side. What will Sam say?

Happily ever after. Or?23 of 26

Happily ever after. Or?

After Sam Faiers states publicly she is 'not bitter' about ex Joey's budding romance with Amy, the new pair go hard with the selfies. It must be love.

Salty Sam24 of 26

Salty Sam

Joey wins the heart of his fave salty potato Sam Faiers.

The jungle's prince and princess25 of 26

The jungle's prince and princess

Joey and Amy come joint fourth in the show's final.

Baby Joey26 of 26

Baby Joey

It's always been a family affair, with 9-year-old Chloe Sims, 4-year-old Frankie Essex and a cherub-esque Joey getting camera-friendly from a young age.

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