Jodie Whittaker was “knocked sideways” when she heard she was the first female Doctor Who


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Jodie Whittaker has spoken out about being cast as the first ever female Doctor Who to Christine Lampard on Lorraine

It's been less than a month since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the first ever female Doctor Who.

In that time, there have been all manner of reactions to the news that a woman is now playing a role which has previously only been played by a man.

As was probably expected, a lot of men (and actually some women) came out of the woodwork to say how Doctor Who couldn't POSSIBLY be played by a woman.

Jodie was revealed to be the new Doctor Who after the men's Wimbledon final (Credit: BBC/ Doctor Who) ©BBC/ Doctor Who

When in fact, writers of the show have spent the last three years explaining that Time Lords are actually non-gendered beings, and can switch from a male body to a female body between regenerations.

(Ahem - Doctor Who geekery will now end.)

But Jodie, 35, has taken it all in her stride, and continues to be upbeat and excited about her new role - even though she was "knocked sideways" by the news that she'd won the role.

She spoke to Christine Lampard on Lorraine earlier today, explaining how difficult it was to keep a secret.

WATCH: Jodie Whittaker opens up to Christine Bleakley about being Doctor Who | Lorraine

She said: "I was just lying left right and centre. You just become a massive narcissist like, everything's about me, everyone is looking at me all the time. I think I was incredibly melodramatic the whole time. I talked in a whisper in my flat for months.

"I didn't know details, but I knew there was going to be an attempt at a really brilliant reveal. And I have got super bad paranoia, so I was like, 'Did I tell you that? Sorry. Was I supposed to tell you that?' You know that awful thing of, 'Was I supposed to tell you that?'

"Obviously, I've had five years of Broadchurch to know, 'OK, I'm not sure if I told you that, but if I did, don't tell anyone...' I had a massive panic about it as I was a bit like I can't remember what I was told I'm not allowed to say."

Jodie was animated when talking about her new role (Credit: ITV/ Lorraine) ©ITV/ Lorraine

Jodie added that she was over the moon about landing the role: "It's really exciting. It's got a huge audience and a huge fan base and a loyal, wonderful fan base.

"Maybe this will open it up to maybe some new young faces that haven't necessarily been introduced to it yet, because you forget that, if I'm the thirteenth, there's so much to watch and catch up on. It doesn't matter what age you come into it, you've got this wealth of amazing television to watch and to be a part of that is, I've said so many times, is really emotional and overwhelming – completely overwhelming."

We can't wait to see Jodie as The Doctor!

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