Jodie Marsh sparks concern after revealing she’s written her will

It comes after she stepped up security in her house

Jodie Marsh

by Polly Foreman |
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Jodie Marsh has sparked concern after revealing to her fans that she’s written her will “just in case anything were to happen to [her]”.

She posted a selfie to Instagram with the caption: “Feeling relived after drawing up my will today (to make sure no one can get their hands on anything) I've left all my Rolexes to my nieces, my shoe collection to my friends and EVERYTHING else to animal sanctuaries. Just in case anything were to happen to me, you know.....”

Some followers wrote comments of concern on the post. One said: "Better to be safe than sorry but VERY sad and slightly disturbing that you are made to feel that way! X," and another: "Oh are you really cared that something will happen to you? ... Omg I think you need a security guard with you at all times, please please please keep yourself safe.."

But many fans praised the former Glamour Model. One wrote: “Good on you,” and another: “Well done for planning ahead Jodie, but I know you'll be ok. You've got many more fine healthy happy years left in you yet stay positive.”

It comes after she revealed in July that she’d stepped up security in her house in the wake of her split from James Placido eight months ago.

She tweeted: “To protect myself & my animals I am having a state of the art security system fitted today by @hawkwellalarms - I finally feel SAFE!!!!!”

Jodie said that feeling “unsafe in your own house is such a terrible feeling” and revealed what precautions she was taking to ensure her safety.

She also said: So I won't tell you how many cameras I have in total but it's way into the double figures & now I have lasers, sensors, vibration detectors

“....And other amazing gadgets too! I also have panic buttons & a full alarm that goes straight to the police whilst you're being filmed....”

She also worried fans by revealing she’d been threatened by someone. She said: “So you can carry on making your threats or getting people to call me but you won't get past my security now f*cker.....”

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