Jodie Marsh reveals she prefers sex toys to men

The glamour model hits back at trolls who say she’s desperate to bag another husband

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by Cate Sutherland |
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Back in June, Jodie Marsh committed to another five years of celibacy so her preference for sex toys over nasty blokes makes complete sense to us.

The 37-year-old split from James Placido in April and has been busy flaunting her amazing six-pack on social media.

Some followers have pounced on the glamour model, claiming the snaps are a "desperate cry for attention".

Jodie fired back: "Firstly I do NOT want a man and I am NOT trying to attract the attention of a man.

"Secondly, I have been training hard and eating right and it's paying off as my stomach is lean and hard and I'm proud of it.

"If you think that as women we only post pictures of our bodies in the hope of attracting a man then that says more about YOU than it does ME.

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"I'm proud of my body. At 37 years old I am in great shape and I feel good. Plus I started my career as a glamour model and still have many fans who liked me for that so to keep them happy occasionally doesn't hurt now does it?!

"If you would post pictures like this to attract a man then I feel sorry for women everywhere. Rest assured I am happy with my animals and my life.

"A man wouldn't add anything (unless I wanted sex, which I don't - I have toys for that which perform better).[sic]"

Jodie’s had it tough over the years, with boyfriends who bullied, beat and stole from her. So we get why she's dedicated to making her own happiness.

One follower pointed out that anyone "offended" by the pics should simply hit UNFOLLOW.

And we completely agree. Why should a fit and healthy woman get trolled for posting a few harmless lingerie snaps?

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