Jodie Marsh: ‘I don’t need a sperm donor now I’ve met my husband’

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Jodie Marsh

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Jodie Marsh shocked fans when she got married in August after a whirlwind romance – here TV presenter Jodie Marsh lifts the lid on ending four years of celibacy and her baby plans.

*Jodie, in your new documentary, Jodie Marsh Making Babies, you meet a sperm donor who’s fathered 105 children. You once said you would use a donor to have a child – how do you feel about that now? *

"Before I met my husband [James Placido, 24] eight months ago, I was looking at what my options were because I was single and, at 36, people delighted in telling me that I was getting older.

"So I looked into sperm donation. Obviously now I’m with James, I wouldn’t need a donor but it’s interesting to know the different options."

Jodie with her new husband James

Are you and James trying for a baby now?

"We haven’t been together long and, while we know we’re soulmates, we are not trying for a baby yet.

"We have four dogs and three cats and they’re like our substitute babies."

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