Jesy Nelson reveals shame after Coleen Nolan discusses son’s sex life on TV

Jesy Nelson was left red-faced recently when her ‘mum-in-law’ Coleen Nolan discussed her son’s sex life on TV.


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Loose Women panelist Coleen, 50, confessed that one of her son’s had accidentally left her a voicemail of them getting steamy with a girl – and people quickly assumed she meant 24-year-old Jesy’s boyfriend Jake Roche.

Jesy, who’s been dating Rixton singer Jake since last year, told the Mirror: “My sister called me. She was like, ‘Ew, Jesy, that’s gross’.

"But I was like, ‘It’s about his older brother’.”


Jesy revealed her friends thought the confession was about her and Jake
Jesy revealed her friends thought the confession was about her and Jake

Thankfully (for Jake and Jesy), Coleen was embarrassing Shane Jr.

At the time she said: “I came down one morning and I had a missed called from Shane Jr and I’d missed it at four in the morning and I knew he’d been out so I was panicking, thinking oh my God, he might be in hospital.

“And it had gone to voicemail and I was listening to it for about the first ten seconds and I was thinking, ‘What the hell is that?’

“Then I realised his phone had gone off during his… night of passion. And I hope he’s not watching today but let me just say I listened for four and a half minutes – and I was dead impressed.”

Coleen wants Jake and Jesy to have a baby – and she's nominated herself as babysitter

While Coleen may not have heard Little Mix singer Jesy and Jake at it yet, she HAS been pressuring them to have a baby.

Jake, 22, said: “My mum is so eager to be a grandmother – it’s all she wants…

“She says to me and Jesy that we can leave the baby with her while we go away on tour. My mum loves Jesy. They go for dinner together, or go shopping, and have become really, really close.

"It’s mad how similar they are.”

Well they do say that most men marry women like their mothers…

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