Jessica Simpson causes controversy with daughter’s snap: ‘Doesn’t she know about paedophiles?’

Jessica Simpson has been blasted for posting a photo of her daughter, in which fans describe the tot as posing ‘like a woman’


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Pop star Jessica Simpson enchants fans with adorable pictures of her young children Maxwell, 3, and son Ace, 23 months.

But Jess’s latest picture of daughter Maxwell has sparked concern amongst her Instagram followers.

Jess has been focusing on family life

Though many of Jess’s fans heaped praise on her ‘perfect’ daughter, other followers didn't agree.

One wrote: “Wtf can our children just b children like why every little girl poses like a woman dont they know they're freakin pedophiles out there ?!!!!sh*t what happen to a kid being a kid (sic American spelling).”

Jessica has yet to comment on her critics’ remarks, but the photo raises the question of what photos parents should post on social media and how to educate people about posting personal information online.

Psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley told Closer online the issue lies with picture sharing, rather than the nature of the photo in this case.

"Paedophiles exist regardless of the type of photos we share, and it's a shame we live in a society where we have to question what we post up.

"Although getting your toddler to pose in an adult way wearing a swimming costume may be fine if you're keeping the pictures within the family, sharing them on social media is not a good idea- whether you're a celebrity or not. As a parent you are taking responsibility for someone else's decisions until they are adult, and Jessica's daughter may not be happy with this image when she hits 18."

Mum-of-two Jessica has kept a relatively low profile since becoming a mum in 2012, marrying NFL star husband Eric Johnson in July last year.

The 34-year-old’s family is about to get even bigger, with sister Ashlee expecting her second child this summer.

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