Jessica Biel is now Mrs Justin Timberlake – but should a woman take her husband’s name?

Do you think a woman should take her husband's surname? We take a look at the alternatives...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Jessica Biel has, according to new reports, officially filed the paperwork and changed her name to Mrs Justin Timberlake.

"It's all official! The paperwork is done and she's now legally Jessica Timberlake."

The Total Recall actress will keep her surname Biel for professional purposes but, for life away from the media, she's happy to be known as Mrs Timberlake.


Victoria Beckham is one of the wolrd's best known fashion designers - and she definitely seems happy doing it with David's name!
Victoria Beckham is one of the wolrd's best known fashion designers - and she definitely seems happy doing it with David's name!

So which other celebs have taken on the surname of their husband?

Think Cheryl Cole (who has kept Ashley's surname long after their divorce), Victoria Beckham (we have no idea what her real surname was anymore), Lily Rose Cooper (professionally known as Lily Allen), Jennifer Affleck (better known as Jennifer Garner), Sarah Michelle Prinze (as in Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Katy Brand (swiftly changed BACK to Katy Perry) and Katie Andre (who, similarly, swapped back to Katie Price).

But, for women who aren't so sure about it, what are the alternatives to taking on your hubby's surname?


Courteney Cox famously changed her name to Courteney Cox-Arquette when she married her (then) husband David.

Mmhmm, that's right. In with the old AND the new, as they say.

Plenty of celebs have opted for the double barrel option, including Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Salma Hayek-Pinault and Eva Longoria-Parker.


Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway is happy to keep her own name, rather than take on hubby Adam Shulman's surname.

There's nobody telling you that you HAVE to take your husband's surname - just because it's traditional doesn't mean it's right for you.

Famous ladies like Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Aniston have all been married and all kept their own surnames, either for professional or personal reasons.


Beyonce and Jay-Z are all about sharing; she's legally known as Beyonce Knowles-Carter and he is officially named Shawn Knowles-Carter. Love it!

This one we're kind of in love with… your husband could take YOUR name!

Jay-Z is legally known as Shawn Knowles-Carter, John Lennon was officially John Winston Ono Lennon (for Yoko Ono) and Brad Pitt has famously said that he'd like to be Brad Jolie-Pitt if and when he and Angelina ever tie the knot.

Looking at all the options available, we quite like this idea the best; it's very equal, very modern and very… well, it seems like a lovely idea for both of you to fuse your names after marriage. Both of you are taking on a new identity, both of you are acknowledging that you've joined a new family and, y'know, you both get to update your Facebook profiles. Which is always exciting.


There's no wrong or right way to do this, in our opinion; it's all about what's right for you as a couple. But we'd like to hear YOUR thoughts on the subject.

Do you think a woman should take her husband's name after marriage, a la Jessica Timberlake? Do you think she should keep her own name, like Anne Hathaway? Would you prefer for your husband to take on your name? Let us know below via our Comments Box, quick-sharp!

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