Jeremy McConnell has met a VERY friendly brunette mum-of-one on community service. Hhmmm…

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Jeremy McConnell met mum-of-one Chanice Bowen on community service, and she seems to be a fan...

Community service isn't supposed to be fun, but it looks like Jeremy McConnell – who was sentenced to 200 hours community service for attacking Stephanie Davies- is having a pretty good time, if tweets from a woman named Chanice Bowen are anything to go by.

Chanice, who comes from Barry, Wales, met Jeremy while the pair were painting over graffiti, and wasted no time in showing how much she'd enjoyed their afternoon together, tweeting: "What a day with them brushes @jeremymcconnell".

Chanice Bowen
Chanice claims she met Jeremy McConnell when the pair did community service together (Credit: Instagram/Chanice Bowen*) ©(Credit: Instagram/Chanice Bowen)

While this tweet was soon deleted, Chanice went on to tweet him twice more.

She wrote: "Nice meeting you today! Hope you're good", and then went to retweet an Instagram post of Jeremy and his baby son Caben-Albi, writing: "He is the image of you @JezzaMcConnell #beautifulbabyboy".

Although the messages did verge on flirtatious, according to BBC News, Chanice has been married since 2013, so it looks like any interaction between the pair will have just been harmless fun.

Chanice Bowen
Chanice is doing community service for benefits fraud (Credit: Instagram/Chanice Bowen) ©(Credit: Instagram/Chanice Bowen)

Jeremy was convicted by the Liverpool Magistrates' Court of domestic violence against his ex girlfriend, Stephanie Davis, who is mother of Caben-Albi.

At the time, Stephanie told the court that Jeremy "threw her around like a ragdoll," and that she believed "this is it, he's going to kill me."

Chanice was sentenced to community service after she committed benefits fraud by telling the council she was a single mum even though she was still married.

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