Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock’s makeover pact to find love

As close pals Jennifer and Sandra reunite for a girls’ trip, insiders say their new-found confidence is helping them both to heal after heartbreak and loss

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock's makeover pact to find love

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As ’90s Hollywood icons, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have seen speculation over their changing looks for more than two decades.

However, while both Jennifer, 55, and Sandra, 59, have always admirably refused to go under the knife – with Jen saying in 2015, “I am not injecting s*** into my face” – the two pals appeared to have had a change of heart after being spotted leaving the office of a plastic surgery company together last week.

The Retreat at Split Rock specialises in face and eye lifts – ranging from £23,000 to £80,000 – and other “facial rejuvenation” techniques.

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock
Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have been friends for years

Now a source tells Closer that, while the pair, who were joined by friend Amanda Anka, 55, appeared to be attempting to hide their identities, Jen and Sandra don’t see the harm in putting themselves first again after heartbreak and loss.

The insider says, “Sandra is still mourning the loss of Bryan [Randall, Sandra’s late partner], but she’s doing what she can to embrace life again. Jen and the other girls in the group convinced her that a trip to the clinic would give her a boost, so they all went together.

“It was like a high-end spa trip, with some cosmetic procedures thrown in. They don’t care if people are attacking them for it – they’re happy with the results and don’t see the harm in it.”

Sandra Bullock and her late partner Bryan Randall
Sandra Bullock and her late partner Bryan Randall ©Getty

While Jennifer has been single since her split from second husband Justin Theroux in 2018, Sandra has recently been through an incredibly tough time after losing her partner of eight years, photographer Bryan, last August.

The mum-of-two had supported her partner, who died aged 57, through his battle with ALS (a severe motor neuron disease) following his diagnosis three years ago.

And the source says that, while Jen is happy to start dating again, her priority is to help Sandra to navigate her grief and offer a hand to hold if she ever did want to venture into dating again when she feels ready.

Jennifer Aniston with ex-husband Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston with ex-husband Justin Theroux ©Getty

The insider adds, “They’re both single women and everyone in their lives is hoping that they will both find love again. It’s not a big priority and obviously, for Sandra, it’s an especially sensitive subject, but when the time comes for her to start dating again Jen will be cheering her along.

“And the same goes for Jen, she would very much like to find a partner and Sandra’s pushing her to get out and date. Sandra and Jen have been friends since the ’90s – they go way back and are a lot closer than anyone realises. They’ve been through so much together and their bond has been solidified through heartbreak.”

When it comes to surgery, Jennifer has always vehemently denied going under the knife for cosmetic purposes – only admitting to two corrective rhinoplasty procedures for a deviated septum, one in her twenties and another in 2018.

Addressing surgery rumours in 2015, she added, “As boring as it sounds, it’s still mine. All of it. Still mine.”

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Similarly, Sandra was also forced to deny facial surgery, including cheek fillers, following her appearance at the Oscars in 2018, saying of her seemingly swollen face, “This past Oscars, I was sick and had allergies.”

Now, after surgery speculation mounted once again in October following the third series of Jen’s Apple TV drama, The Morning Show_,_ the insider tells us that Jen and Sandra have undergone procedures – but says they have been very “cautious” over what they have had done.

The source adds, “Just like most close girlfriends they give each other advice and that includes beauty tips and surgery suggestions. They don’t mind paying the extra money to get the best of the best.

“When one of them finds a good procedure or doctor, they share it with each other. They’re very supportive and just want the best for each other.”

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