Jennifer Aniston helps Brad Pitt reunite with Angelina Jolie!

Brad Pitt is ready to open up about his marriage to Angelina Jolie in a shock Oprah tell-all – thanks to the support of his ex, Jennifer Aniston

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Last month marked five years since Angelina Jolie announced her separation from Brad Pitt, triggering one of the most drawn-out and toxic divorce battles in Hollywood history.

And in what many hailed as a major step towards finalising their settlement last week, Angelina, 46, was given the green light to sell her stake of Chateau Miraval – the £120million French estate and vineyard she co-owns with Brad, 57, where they secretly wed in 2014.

Just days earlier, the Fight Club actor – who has remained largely silent since ending their marriage – blasted the actress as “vindictive” in new court papers amid her alleged plot to not give him the first option to buy her out and cut him out of the deal.

brad pitt angelina jolie kids
Brad and Angelina with their kids in happier times ©Getty Images

But if it does sell, they will finally be drawing a line under their 11-year relationship. And insiders say Brad is now ready to clear his name, which he feels has been tarnished by the Maleficent actress.

When filing for divorce in September 2016, human-rights activist Angelina accused Brad of being drunk and physically abusive towards their then 15-year-old son, Maddox, during a heated row on a private jet. While Brad – who was cleared of any wrongdoing – furiously denied the allegations, he admitted he’d been “boozing too much” and attended Alcoholics Anonymous for 18 months following the split.

brad pitt jennifer aniston
Brad and Jen sharing a tender moment last year ©Getty Images

A source says, “Since day one, Brad feels Ange has been on a mission to destroy him and turn him into a villain. He feels her interviews and court documents have painted him in a very bad light.

“While Brad has done his best to maintain a dignified silence, he’s determined to set the record straight once their divorce is finalised. He wants the opportunity to do a tell-all interview to clear his name and repair some of the damage he feels Ange has caused to his reputation. He doesn’t want to look like the bitter ex and wants to ensure he keeps it as dignified – but honest – as possible.”

angelina jolie
His split from Angelina has been difficult ©Getty Images

While Brad has done a handful of interviews since the split, he has largely avoided discussing the divorce or his ex – instead focusing on his journey of self-discovery since quitting booze.

Meanwhile, mum-of-six Angelina has made numerous digs and comments that have shone a questionable light on Brad – last month claiming she’d feared for the safety of her “whole family”, adding, “It took a lot for me to be in a position where I felt I had to separate from the father of my children.”

In 1998, Brad did his first interview in front of a live TV audience on The Oprah Winfrey Show, returning again after filming Mr & Mrs Smith in 2004 – where he met and reportedly fell in love with Angelina, while still married to his first wife, Jennifer Aniston, 52. He appeared again in 2008, when he discussed becoming a parent.

brad pitt angelina jolie house
Brad and Ange’s French estate and vineyard ©Getty Images

And since reconciling with the former Friends star over a decade after their 2005 divorce, insiders say Jen has been quietly encouraging her ex to speak out to clear his name.

The source says, “Jen knows how painful this has been for Brad and as she’s also done numerous chats with Oprah and is in touch with Oprah on a regular basis – more so than Brad, who has just met her on a few occasions – she suggested she could reach out to her first, which Brad agreed with.

“Of course, while Brad could go directly to Oprah, he is grateful for Jen’s support, and to know he has her backing to go public with an interview. She’s offered to make sure he gets some points across, without overstepping the mark and risking upsetting Ange. She believes that if he gets it right, it could help clear the air between him and Ange, and allow for a more harmonious relationship.”

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Following her heartbreaking split from Brad, Jen gave her first TV interview to Oprah – who she calls a ‘”very good, special friend” – where she opened up about putting the past behind her and “finding peace” in a dark time.

The source says, “Jen told Brad how cathartic and therapeutic it would be for him too – just like it was for her following their own split –and insisted it would help him close the door on a very painful part of his life so he could finally move on.

“Jen’s become one of his closest confidantes over the last couple of years and they speak or text a few times a month. She knows it might seem odd that she’s supporting him through his split from the woman he left her for, but Jen’s stressed how important it is that they put the children first. She’s urged him to do whatever it takes to get to the point where he and Angelina can reunite to amicably co-parent – and be friends again one day like they have become.”

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Despite a judge declaring Angelina and Brad “legally single” in 2019, they continue to battle it out over custody of their children – Maddox, 20, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and twins, Vivienne and Knox, 12. In May, Brad was awarded joint custody by the judge overseeing their case – a decision Angelina fought.

And in July, she won her appeal to disqualify the judge, John Ouderkirk, on the grounds he failed to disclose that he had a business relationship with Brad’s lawyers, casting doubt on his ability to remain impartial.

Angelina later accused her ex of “gamesmanship” and using his A-list status to win special treatment.

But insiders say Jen has also been helping Brad get to a place where he can find peace – and hopes a heartfelt, truthful interview could even repair his relationship with Angelina.

The source adds, “Jen knows how difficult but how healing it can be to forgive and move on. She’s proved that with her newfound friendship with Brad, which he himself has admitted he’s been overwhelmed by.”

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