Why Jennifer Aniston is worried about her lonely friend Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston steps in to support best pal Courteney Cox while she’s forced to quarantine apart from boyfriend Johnny McDaid

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

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They’ve been best pals for over 25 years, since they first met on the set of beloved sitcom Friends, supporting each other through multiple break-ups and career highs and lows.

And sources tell Closer that, during lockdown, the bond between Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox has grown stronger than ever as they have been a lifeline for each other.

Courteney, 55, recently revealed she was struggling, missing the “physical touch” from her fiancé – Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid, 43 – who was stuck more than 5,000 miles away in the UK when lockdown was enforced. The pair had ended their engagement in 2015 – something Courteney dubbed “brutal” – but later reconciled.

An insider shares, “Courteney has been struggling since lockdown, when she realised that she and Johnny would be apart. She’s worried about the ongoing impact of a long-distance relationship and whether they can survive being split up like this. She feels lonely and just wishes she could see Johnny in person.

“Jen’s been making sure that Courteney has nice distractions and has been calling on their social circle to regularly check in on her, and setting up Zoom calls with her friends, including [actress] Busy Philipps. And Jen and Court speak every day on FaceTime. They’ve been sharing recipes, fitness tips and supporting each other emotionally, as Jen has been worried that Courteney isn’t used to being apart from Johnny for so long.”

Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston ex husband
Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston lived in different cities for much of their relationship ©Getty

Jen, 51 – who is currently self-isolating with her pitbull mix Sophie – knows only too well the perils of being in a long-distance relationship, as her ex-husband Justin Theroux was based in New York while she remained in LA for the best part of their seven-year relationship.

While Jen and Justin, 48, were known for keeping their struggles private, her refusal to move to the east coast was said to be a catalyst for their split at the time, and the insider says she understands how being apart from your partner can feel worse than being alone.

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The source says, “Jen spent a long time away from Justin within their marriage when he stayed in New York, and it would leave her feeling helpless and lonely. She knows exactly what Courteney is going through and can imagine how it’s even worse with the fear and restrictions around coronavirus thrown into the mix.”

“Jen’s determined not to let Courteney get too down, and is doing everything she can to lift her spirits. They’ve talked things through and discussed coping mechanisms.”

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Jen is now said to be desperate to get Courteney – who is self-isolating with her daughter Coco, 15 – over for a socially-distanced garden party at her home in Bel Air if lockdown rules in America start to ease up.

Closer recently reported how Courteney was upset that a much-anticipated Friends reunion has now been delayed until at least November, and is worried that the other cast members won’t be able to reorganise their schedules to make it work, which is only adding to her pain.

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She’s been promoting her Facebook show 9 Months With Courteney Cox, for which Coco interviewed her recently, and pals say she’s desperately trying to distract herself with work.

The source adds, “Jen has made a vow to Courteney that she’ll be more proactive in making sure the reunion happens, and they have been trying to brainstorm new ideas together that they could both produce. She wants them to make use of this time so that Courteney doesn’t sit and dwell on the fact that she is so far apart from Johnny."

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