Jeff Brazier’s heartbreaking confession: ‘I’ve let Jade Goody’s boys down’

Jeff Brazier has revealed why he thinks he has been letting his and Jade Goody's sons down


by Kayleigh Dray |
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When Jade Goody lost her battle with cervical cancer in May 2009, her ex partner Jeff Brazier was left devastated - and a single parent to grieving sons Bobby Jack and Freddy.

The 35-year-old has thrown himself into training as a life coach, providing himself with the skills to help others to navigate the stresses and troubles they face every day.

But, in a heartbreaking blog post, he has revealed that he has sadly left the wellbeing of his own family fall into second place.

"This flare up would have no doubt been avoided if Mum was kept 'on the table' over the last six months"

Jeff admitted: "'While it's wonderful to be in a position to help others through coaching, I was reminded I must keep my children's needs the priority."


He explained in his post for The Huffington Post that he has been meaning to take his sons to visit their beloved mum's grave for some time, but kept putting it off for numerous reasons.

And, he wrote emotionally, it has had repercussions for the boys.

Jeff Brazier and his two boys
Jeff Brazier and his two boys

His youngest son Freddy was sent home from school after losing his temper during class, following a counselling session with Relate.

But he quickly realised that his son's anger wasn't a sign of disobedience, it was a sign of frustration and sadness - and those were the things Jeff felt a duty to help Freddy with.

Jeff wrote: "[It came] from a place of frustration and sadness caused by his grief, the very thing I'm supposed to be helping him and his brother disperse and manage.

"I instantly felt responsible, this flare up would have no doubt been avoided if Mum was kept 'on the table' over the last six months […] instead of under the carpet."


It was the wake-up call that Jeff needed - and he is now committed to helping his sons deal with their grief, not to mention help them build Jade's memory back into their lives.

He explained that he has worked on a special gesture for the boys' mummy on Christmas day, and intends to take the children to visit their mum's special place once a month.

Jeff Brazier and jade Goody with their two sons, in happier times

He has also planned "a scrapbook of photos of their mum telling them the kindest story of her life and also one that would tell them of how far they have come since they lost her, so that they can feel proud and strong in the details of their achievements...

"I also thought it would be nice to invite Jade's mother Jackiey over to stay once every month, the boys love her immensely and she's the only prominent blood related link to their Mum they have."

Jeff added: "In the coming few days I'll be contacting all in order to get those visits and gestures put in place so they can move forward positively, Freddy can feel less bottled-up and I can feel like I'm on top of things again."

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