Jason Manford shares emotional Facebook post: ‘How many firsts did my baby have while I was at work?’

Jason Manford has taken to Facebook to reveal the truth about missing his baby daughter - and it’s proven to be a hit with fans!


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Comedian Jason Manford has forged a career out of making us laugh, but we doubt we've ever smiled as much as we have reading this epic Facebook status about parenthood.

He wrote: “You get home after a long day and trudge up the stairs to bed, your eyelids as heavy as your feet. As you go past the baby's room you have a slight pang, 'what did I miss today?'. How many 'firsts' did she have whilst I was at work, not having any?

“Do you sneak in the room? You know you shouldn't but you just need one glimpse of her perfect sleeping face, if only to make the day feel worth it.

“The door creeks gently open and you step inside. She's soundly sleeping, snuggled into her blanket and cuddled up to her teddy; her breathing is equal and rhythmic. You listen. You watch. You love.”

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The dad-of-five continued: “As you look at her you imagine her future, you think of all the things the world has to offer her and all the things she will offer the world.

“Suddenly overwhelmed by her life's limitless possibilities, you quietly leave the room.

“As you do, you take one more look in the mottled light of the hallway at your little girl, the personification of your escapee heart, broken free from your chest and now out there in the world; small, full of unconditional love and vulnerable.”

“You smile and closing the door you silently whisper, ‘good night my darling girl’.”

You get home after a long day and trudge up the stairs to bed, your eyelids as heavy as your feet. As you go past the... > >

Posted by [Jason Manford](https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jason-Manford/9212109351) on [Monday, 28 September 2015](https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10153221859874352&id=9212109351)

However Jason made sure to add his own unique brand of humour to the post, hilariously adding: “Then the little bastard wakes up, screams that loud piercing scream for none of the reasons she's ever screamed before!

“And now the only question you're asking yourself is, ‘why the bloody hell did I go in her room?’”

We hear THAT, Jason!

The post, which has been shared on Facebook over 2,000 times, has generated hundreds of comments from like-minded parents.

One mum wrote: “Just laughed out loud at this and in doing so woke my tiny sleeping boy.

“Are you satisfied now, Jason? You've now woken two babies!”

Another added: “I came home early from my night shift and wanted to peep in on baby daughter, so poured a glass of water over her to wake her.

“Not really, but from the scream that had welcomed my tiptoeing you'd think that's what I'd done!”

Can you relate to Jason Manford’s post?

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