Jason Manford makes light of recent online message allegations

Jason Manford has joked about having a bad day, hours after allegedly being caught sending sexually explicit messages to fans on Facebook


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Jason Manford has joked about having a ‘bad day’ just hours after being caught up in a sex scandal.

'I am a good dad, a good husband. From now on I'm going to be one forever. That's it'


The married comedian and father-of-three is said to have sent sexually explicit messages on Facebook to a female fan between November 2011 and March 2012. This was just one year after he quit The One Show over his Twitter and Skype sex sessions with fans.

During yesterday’s filming of comedy series Good News, Bad News, the 31-year-old reportedly asked the audience , “Hello have you all had a good day? I’m glad someone has.”

Referring to the publication that broke his first scandal, he continued: "It's days like this I really wish I hadn't started collecting The Sun vouchers for free Lego."

Jason Manford on the Jonathan Ross Show

Jason, who has been married to his actress wife Catherine for six years, vowed to be “a good husband forever” after the last debacle.

Publicly admitting to having internet sex sessions with a porn star and 12 fans at the time, Jason admitted to the same newspaper that he had been “a d***head” but vowed: “I am a good dad, a good husband. From now I am going to be one for ever. That’s it.”

Jason and his wife agreed to fight for their marriage at the time, and the star gave interviews saying how sorry he was.

Only last Saturday Jason was gushing about his “lovely family” on Jonathan Ross' show.

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